About me (sort’ve)

Skills and enjoyments:

  • 5 Years+ Unreal Engine Experience (2016+)
  • Supported 2 titles
  • Project lead,  Level Designer, Texture/Environment artist, English Language support
  • NVIDIA PhysX Developer (Registered)
  • Community map and mod maker for various games.

Note-worthy development stuff:


I have helped on 2 official titles & released my PC Mini-Game and Development Kit.

Various positions; Project lead, level designer, asset creator, game-play co-coordinator  and English language support (grammar and spell checker etc)

Created content for Unreal Engine based games, beta-tested, wrote reviews and been involved in numerous community projects.

Primarily i act as Level designer and project overseer. Bringing teams together and providing Texture art, 3D models, level designs and anything else that is needed.

I try to put my experiences and passions together to create my own ‘sui generis’ environments, code & content to improve user-experience, HD upgrades and some faithful remakes.

Free time is spent making; Textures , mini-games, Maps, 3DModels, Music or helping on forums and playing games ofc.

Experienced game developer, qualified care-worker, accredited-teacher, sociologist and  PC gaming fan.

Please show support by watching a few YouTube videos, donating for the content you download, joining some projects, employing me or simply saying thanks.


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