UDK Projects



Download: Available on Itch i o 

  • A UDK project built in <40days. (<160hrs)
  • Maze game is a Fast-Paced, simple item collecting, escape the maze – game.

It is also;

  • A development Resource Kit/ Starter Kit
  • A showcase/mini-demonstration/ portfolio example


Maze game is simply a fast paced, item collecting, simple, memory maze designed for people of all ages. It should aid memory-recall and be good for a 15 minute break for players and developers. It is a development kit that includes a menu system, working save and load functions, and everything needed for users to build there own game. It is not intended to be a spectacular visual experience or to reflect visual quality at this stage in development.

It’s specific aims were to create;

(1) A playable Game
…a working game system and development kit

(2) A development kit
…a development kit for users to to create their own Unreal Engine based games/ content.

(3) A Show Reel/ portfolio package
…a medium to showcase and transfer Unreal Engine based content to users.