Screen Capture UltraHD video’s Free

A few things that can be used:

  • “Dazzle”by Pinnacle is not great for fast fps games or HD but can be used for older console games.
  •  “Bandicam”  i would also recommend or maybe fraps
  • The best option is Open Broadcast Software

How to record/ Screen Capture Ultra HD 

It’s easy. OBS: Open Broadcast Software

  • Download the software and follow the Instructions, it really is that simple and you can Live Stream too 🙂

Cut video’s with lossless 1:1 quality

  • Download BandiCut . It is pretty new and works very well, it will leave a water mark at the start of your video.

Edit Video’s in YouTube

  • you can delete (trim) the beginning of the Video using YouTube’s Built in Editor (the Enhancements option).

Edit video’s with Windows Movies Maker (do not Edit an OBS file in WMM)

In my experience bandicam recorded videos will be very good quality after editing in WMM, but an OBS video file has sound in an MP4 format that WMM does not enjoy.

  • Download Windows Movies Maker 2012 (WMM ) (Windows Live Essentials 2012)

I never had any issues with WMM when editing Bandicam recorded files, it creates a HD quality video after editing and a decent file size

– if you experience issues loading a file in WMM (because of missing codec’s) then follow the next step:

Missing Codec’s (Only if you have issues loading files)

– This should allow WMM to recognise other video and audio formats

Note: I tried editing an OBS video file and it spat out a worse quality and twice the file size video.

Additional Notes:

  • H264 has been around a long time now, a new codec is on the horizon for the general consumer population which promises to be amazing.
  • Im not sure if WMM 2013 or 2014 exists, maybe Windows 8 has it but i use Win 7
  • i have tried Dazzle and Pinnacle software, which is great for recording old console games, but i am unable to get a decent result for PC screen captures and will not upgrade to Pinnacle Plus

Recording Old School games

  • Old games & games that use software rendering (Such as Unreal) may cause your screen to flash repeatedly.
  • It is recommended that you use window mode, but this is more than acceptable since years ago monitors were small and not HD
  • I normally choose Full screen & load the gaem ready > switch to task manager > select the game you are running and righ click it it, then choose “Bring to Front”
  • Example:- Window mode on a 1920×1080 monitor will give your game view 1914×1036, this is amazing,

Playback Large Files (VLC Fix)

  • If you have issues playing your OBS recorded file in VLC then check the links below to get a 64bit version of VLC



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