SoftMod (PS2)

Softmodding the PS2 is very simple. The links below provide good videos of the process but it can be done from an image and only requires household sticky tac.



  • Blu-Tac Inside MOBBO by the big screw (small plastic flicky switch.)
  •  inside back by lens/ laser; push in and stick BLUTAC on it
  • BLU TAC on inside lower right-hand corner

PS1 Disc Swap

  • load the real ps1 game when you are in the PS1 browser
  • Choose the disc and swap for the backup when first loads (black screen
  • swap disc to psx classic copy.
  • If this doesn’t work try again, but perform the ‘disc swap’ trick 2 times; once when first loading, then again on the copyright screen



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