MegaMod (UFO AM)

With The “MegaMod” the game remains relatively vanilla, however, much needed  fixes and improvements that enable completion of the game are provided. It adds map variety and should also be more visually appealing.

This MegaMod includes only what should be included by default *[+ship speed, better textures, better map variety, more music, stuff to fix the game] and gives a few extras (new maps, alternative textures/ sounds etc) that can be used as a complete mod or standalone “mini-mods”. It has similar additions to other mods and therefore, no other mods should be required.

The MegaMod provides users with 2 ways to play the game. Full info can be found within the mod read me files & i have provided 2 additional pages to explain each version of the mod, but in short the first version of the mod has already been explained above* and the 2nd version is simply my mod combined with an existing mod called the ‘combo mod’.

Mega Mod Download Links: (Click RED for links)

  1. Play it how it should be played with “Mutatis Mutandis”.
  2. Overhaul the game with “Mutatis Universus”, great for a 2nd play through.


 MegaMod Content, Texture Upgrades (Comparison Images)

– New –                               – Old –



– OLD –                               – NEW –


– OLD –                               – NEW –



Seamless Texture Version 

Example_Seamless TextureOffers

The differences are subtle but creating a Tileable texture can make the wold of difference, maybe not in this situation, but for walls and bricks especially.



Please consider that if every texture takes at least a few mins, 1000 textures  = 166+ hours. 10-30 mins a texture is usually enough.

To get the project complete i had to set limits and realistic goals.


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