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I am a big fan of Sony and have been so for a few decades, but i am not a big supporter of the PS4 or Sony’s new business model. One of the biggest issues i have with the PS3 & PS4 is backwards compatibility, that’s what these tutorials are for. Admittedly graphics are becoming incredible, but games of late really do lack the playability and enjoyment of some of the older console games & i refuse to be repeatedly charged for the same content every 4  years. Also note that I’m not a supporter of piracy, these tutorials are designed to extend the life of your Original CD/ DVD based games. I should also add that alot of older games are no longer supported, no longer available to buy and no longer seek the attention of publishers actively pursuing piracy. Do what you will with that information.


  • There is something cool about owning original copies, do your best to obtain them
  • some games are awesome but you have to appreciate the time/ era they were built


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