PlayStation Tutorials

Here you can find a list of Sony PlayStation related tutorials;


Playstation 1 Tutorials


PlayStation 2 Tutorials


I am a big fan of Sony and have been so for a few decades, but i am not a big supporter of the PS4 or Sony’s new business model. One of the biggest issues i have with the PS3 & PS4 is backwards compatibility, that’s what these tutorials are for. Admittedly graphics are becoming incredible, but games of late really do lack the playability and enjoyment of some of the older console games & i refuse to be repeatedly charged for the same content every 4  years. Also note that I’m not a supporter of piracy, these tutorials are designed to extend the life of your Original CD/ DVD based games. I should also add that alot of older games are no longer supported, no longer available to buy and no longer seek the attention of publishers actively pursuing piracy. Do what you will with that information.

– I would also like to include a list of verified rom’s and iso’s that are genuine files. A verification of a genuine copy of an original game is extremely important. Like i said i don’t support piracy but i would like to make sure that, if people do download an iso or ROM (because for whatever reason they own the original but are unable to make a backup), the file contains no additionally unwanted stuff, no adware/ virals etc.

– One can only be 100% sure a file is safe if they own the original and compare the original with the downloaded ISO/ROM. This can be difficult to do because there are so many programs/ software/hardware for read/write operations and hex editor’s and clever people.

* I feel this is an acceptable ideology: downloading iso’s/rom’s to preserve content someone already owns and to verify that the source is genuine and not containing damaging stuff so that others can be safe, whether they own the original or not is not my concern, but technically i don’t see another option in some circumstances for some individuals. Buying a 2nd game from eBay or Amazon is an option, but im old skool and i don’t even see how reselling 2nd games is legal, in my book it’s not. So what is the new generation of gamers to do?

* also note there has been a huge trend recently (which is not on steady decline) or reboots and remakes with the entertainment and gaming industries.  You will notice the majority of my unreal projects that appear here over time were abandoned because big companies actually got there first. (syndicate wars, xcom, Unreal. ) The only proof of concept that hasn’t or isn’t currently being remade is U7, i have some of this concept done aswel.


  • There is something cool about owning original copies, do your best to obtain them
  • some of these games are really awesome and you have to appreciate the time/ era that they were built

Verified files:

it is extremely difficult to find files online like this, not an enjoyable experience, normally i start by comparing my original content floppy disc/cd/dvd etc with an iso of itself to make sure they can 100% copy. I then compare these files sizes to the size of the Installed version on a pc. Gathering as much data as i can i compare these with those sizes shown on various website. It can take a good bit of knowledge of cuesheets/ data files and formats used at that time etc and all of other stuff that i will type up another time. Checking md5 hash sums is usually a good idea. As this is just an introduction page the other pages will go into specific detail.



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