How to Mod (UFO AM)

All you need to mod UFO AM is provided in the “MegaMod-Kit”.  I recommend downloading the MegaModKit and reading it from there.



The following notes are taken from the mod-kit:

  • For this example we will modify the “launcherdata.vfs” (a simple test).
    – The same process can be used to modify gamedata
  • Folder examples are included
    – you can place them where they need to go
    – most are empty, but some are pre-loaded with the required files


Install UFO Aftermath

– UFO CD (UFO AM) starts at version 1.0
– UFO Trilogy (UFO AM) starts at version 1.2

[] Patch to v1.4

[] Put these folders (from the modkit) into your UFO AM location:
-\UFO Aftermath\Screenshots
-\UFO Aftermath\Viewer
-\UFO Aftermath\Missions
-\UFO Aftermath\Modkit\workdir\changed
-\UFO Aftermath\ModKit\workdir\changedlauncherdata\

[] Copy your “launcherData.vfs” file [ &/ OR “Gamedata.vfs”] from here:
– e.g “\CENEGA\UFO AFTERMATH\launcherData.vfs”

[] Paste here “\ModKit\workdir”
– “\UFO AFTERMATH\ModKit\workdir\launcherData.vfs”
– “\UFO AFTERMATH\ModKit\workdir\Gamedata.vfs”

[] Paste Backup copies here “UFO Aftermath\ModKit\Backup_vfs”

[] Run “Extract launcherdata(vfsTool).bat”
– this will extract the launcher content here; “\ModKit\workdir\unpackedlauncher”

[] Run “Extract gamedata(vfsTool).bat”
– this will extract the game content here; “\ModKit\workdir\unpackedgamedata”
– Now get your mod ready –

* an Example Mod is included here;

** Folder/ File structures for mods must be identical to the original setup

** After this testmod you can focus on changing game content;
[] Place new files you want to use (sounds/textures/models) into the “changed” or “changedlauncher” folders
– our example includes a new “.mp3” within the “changedlauncher” folder.
– feel free to replace with you own “.mp3”

[] Run “Change_launcherdata.bat” [&/Or “Change_gamedata.bat”]
– this updates the “.vfs” file(s) with our new file(s);
– “\UFOAFTERMATH\ModKit\workdir\launcherData.vfs” [&/Or]
– “\UFOAFTERMATH\ModKit\workdir\Gamedata.vfs”
– save a copy of the files here; “\ModKit\Mods\”

[] Put the new “launcherData.vfs” [&/Or “gamedata.vfs”] into “\UFO Aftermath\”

[] Run the “Launcher.exe” for our UFO Aftermath Test mod
– test the new “.mp3”, using the “sounds & music” options modified > play music

– Distibuting your mod –

** the above tutorial has added a new “.mp3” to our original “.vfs”, but this file can be considered too large for distribution ( & may infringe copyright), because it contains the entire game contents & our mod

** the “BAT” files will create a standalone mod, for use with the “Altar Mod Tools”.

[] paste the extra bat files (“\modkit\BAT files”) inside the “changed” folder
– “\Aftermath\workdir\changed\AddMod.bat”
– “\Aftermath\workdir\changed\CreateMod.bat”

[] COPY “UFOVfs.exe”
– it is Inside the “\Tools\Altar\UFOvfs” folder
– PASTE into the “changed” folder
– “\Aftermath\workdir\changed\UFOvfs.exe”

[] execute the “createmod.bat”
– it is inside the changed folder
– this will create the file “modgamedata.vfs” which will hold our mod

[] then execute the “AddMod(UFOvfs).bat”
– this adds new mod files from the “changed” folder to the “modgamedatamod.vfs”

*** The naming structure is important;
– Mods must start with the word “mod” like these;
– “modgamedatamod.vfs”
– “modmynewtextures.vfs”
– “modGoldenPsi-Gun.vfs”
– “mod*.vfs”

[] these standalone mod files are smaller in size/ better for distribution
* these mods do not always load directly from the UFO AM folder
** To get these mods working we need the “ALPine” Tool
– a mod tool for UFO AM that also includes some extra mods and a user firendly interface
– ALPine Setup & Using our Mod –
[] Install ALPine
– It is in the Tools folder
* ALPine creates a “modalpine.vfs” from our standalone mod file and places it directly in the “\UFO Aftermath\” folder, the game reads this file.
[] Once ALPine is installed create the folder:
– “\UFO Aftermath\ALPine\plugins\mods\mod1”
– Each new mini-mod should be in a separate folder
“\mod1”, “\mod2”, “\mod3” etc

[] Place the “modgamedata.vfs” file into the folder
“\UFO Aftermath\ALPine\plugins\mods\mod1\modgamedata.vfs”

[] Run ALPine
– make sure the check box for ‘MODWrapper’ at the top is checked
– check the ‘Parameter’ box set to 1 & click apply
– it will take some time to apply even with a super fast pc
– when complete it creates this file “modalpine.vfs”….

[] close ALpine

[] Run UFO Aftermath & enjoy the mod

[] Rename the “modalpine.vfs” to something more suitable “mod***.vfs”
– e.g.”modnewMP3Music.vfs” / or e.g. – “modMyNewMod.vfs”

Additional Notes:

Create a shortcut to play in High Quality;

“C:\Games\CENEGA\UFO Aftermath\UFO.exe” –options multisample=4 anisotropy=8
loadall=FALSE video_caption=TRUE complete_texture_update=TRUE
Quick modding steps:

– extract contents from “.vfs” using “ExtractMod.BAT” (vfstool.exe)
– add files to the “changed” folder/ modify (User input)
– run “CreateMod.BAT” (UFOvfstool.exe)
– run “AddMod.BAT” file so that it updates (UFOVfstool.exe)
– Place mod in Alpine mods folder (ALPine)
– Load in Alpine/ Play game with mod (UFO AM)

Patching the game:

Comparisons of installs with “Full patch 1.4” ONLY! & an original UFO AM patched with all patches (1.1/1.2/1.3 & 1.4 partial) show differences.
– UFO trilogy has UFO AM at v1.2 by default
– Version 1.3 has working cubemaps, but they are broken again in version 1.4

[] The MegaMod takes a bit longer to load
– textures/ lightmaps are calculated on Runtime

[] 1920×1080 videos sometimes crashed the game; (i could not understand why)
– the hi-res video mod was left out for that reason
– videos are mapped to 3d models, maybe that is the issue

[] mods must have the file name structure starting with the word “mod**”
Copyright / Permissions
TKBS. Copyright 2015.

Authors may use this content as a base to build additional content.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this content in any, i.e. put it on a CD or any other electronic/ digital medium that is sold for money.

You MAY distribute this content through any electronic network (internet, FIDO, local BBS etc.) provided you include this file and leave the entire archive intact.


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