Backup Wii games

Disclaimer: Piracy not supported

How to backup Wii games

This is good for running a silent console, or if you have damaged your Wii disc’s. There are 2 main methods;

  1. Using the Wii console
  2. Using PC. It is possible to backup wii games using a compatible DVD drive, but the drives are difficult to find unles you already have one.


Using the Wii console 


Using the PC

Drop the disc in, click “START DUMP”, and when it’s done you’ll be left with a file ending in .Wii or .Wod. Select the file, click “CONVERT RAW TO .ISO”, and you’ll be left with an .iso file, which is what Dolphin needs to run

Compatible DVD-Drives

  • LG 8161B
  • LG 8162B
  • LG 8163B
  • LG 8164B
  • LG GH20NS15
  • Optiarc DVD RW AD-7203A

Software required



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