Wii Softmod

Wii SoftMod information

The Wii softmod is well documented here but not perfect. I recommended following this guide but before you do, read all these notes as they will help. Videos in the guide are low resolution, i have provided higher quality examples below.

I have also provided a ↓↓↓Wii SoftModKit pack ↓↓↓ with the required files. You will still need to download LetterBomb, this process is specific for your Wii Console version.

Wii Softmod Pack:

  • Download coming soon
  • Contains everything you need; an extensive, tidy and well documented Wii SoftModKit. 


  • Old (White) Wii Console [Version 4.3 recommended]
  • GameCube Controller
  • SD Card [check Compatibility below]
  • Memory Stick, USB Storage or USB Harddrive
  • PC with internet access & SD Card Reader
  • Wii SoftModKit pack

 Wii SoftModKit Explained

  • The folder “SD_Card (Wii)” contains the files needed, extract all the contents onto your SD-Card
  • you need to Download “Letter Bomb” as this part is specific to your Wii MAC, instructions are provided in the pack
  • you DO NOT need to download “PriiLoader”
    – (or anything else unless you want to add emulators)
  • Choose the relevant “Hash_hacks.ini” for your system version (provided in the Wii SoftModKit) and place it in the correct folder
  • To Access The “LaunchBootMii” Screen {once installed} press “Home”(Wii Remote) in the “HomeBrewChannel”
  • Use the “Help” folder; it contains all the read me’s from the files provided and simple instructions
  • The “Tools” folder contains “WiiBackup Manager” and “WBFS”, “ModMii” installer and “RAWDump”.
  • The “Hax”folder includes some additional files, such as “DMLizard”; (i stopped at step 5 in this guide), however,  after step 5  if you wish to run GameCube games, these files are used.

 Wii SoftMod Guide:

  • Download the Wii Softmod Pack
  • Check SD Card Compatibility or just give it a blast and see if it bricks your Wii
  • Place all contents of the Wii SoftModKit pack onto the SD Card
  • Follow this guide
  • You will need to Download letter bomb and enter your Wii MAC just like in the guide

Video Examples:

These are video examples of the processes, they are shown in the guide provided but these links below are of higher resolution examples.



Check SD Card compatibility:

It is commonly accepted that a “2GB sandisk SD Card” is the safest option for softmodding the Wii as it always works, however,  these SD cards are no longer common to buy. If your Wii console is 4.3 then SDHC will be supported. Softmodding started early in the Wii days before SDHC was supported [v3.0 etc]

SDHC Sony 16GB [Class 10] – Verified, 100% positive, works with everything; Homebrew, Priiloader, emulators etc   

Load an Alternate DOL: (USBLoaderGX or cfg_USBLoader_70)

The Wii SoftModKit pack contains additional DOL files you may need for certain games. They are sometimes reffered to as “WDM’s”

  • USBLoaderGX > Choose Game > Choose settings > Choose “Select DOL” [instead of default DOL]
  • Then select the preferred DOL

When playing “Indiana Jones & the Fate of Atlantis” with Wii “USBLoaderGX”, the alternate DOL method works.


Known Issues & fixes: 

  • Black Screen &/or Green Screen:

When running games from “USBLoader” or “NeoGamma” a common issue is with Black &/ or Green Screens. This can be fixed by loading an Alternate DOL. A DOL file is just the Wii’s way of starting, similar to an ‘.exe’. I experienced the “black screen” issues with “Indiana Jones; Fate of Atlantis”, using “USBLoader” you can choose “Game Settings” & “Select DOL”. You can then run an alternate DOL (a fixed one) which successfully loads the game. Alternative Dols are provided in the Wii Softmod Pack .

  • Failure to Backup games on USB or HDD using the Wii and “USBLoader”:

Sometimes the screen may freeze, it happened to me a few times, but a hard reset and 2nd attempt seemed to work. →→→Here you can see it happen←←←.


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