Mutatis Mutandis (UFO AM)

Title:                                                                    UFO Aftermath: Mutatis Mutandis (“UFO_AM_MM”)
Author:                                                                TKBS
Game:                                                                  UFO Aftermath [v1.4]
Release Date:                                                     xx/03/2015

Download Link:     

More Content by author:                       

Description:                                                   Mod; changes/ additions to UFO Aftermath v1.4; [Textures, Music/Sounds, config etc]
New Sounds:                                                  Yes
New Graphics:                                              Yes
New Script:                                                    Yes
External DLLs:                                              Yes
Known issues:                                               NONE
Extended description:

Play how it should be played;
This Mod provides enhanced environment textures, a wider sound library, new custom maps, improved map variety, a better camera & ONLY the bare minimal changes required enhance the game & fix game bugs. It includes similar changes to other mods but they have been improved.

Missions/ Maps
– New custom missions/ maps to play on
– can be loaded from geosphere & used to train troops (Lvl/ Experience grinding)
– improved map/ environment/ mission variety

– new arrows & alien icon indicator
– new start up image, geosphere & new R&D background
– new enhanced environment texures

– Additional Music tracks
– Extended Music tracks
– removes “generic/move/plan/selection” sounds, similar to STFU.

– changes blood color/ damage effects, similar to bloodmod, not as ott.
– Human blood disipates faster than aliens
– alien blood green, biomass alien blood purple, humans red
– smoke and fire effects

– very minor changes only to make the game playable & more enjoyable
– speeds up Ship by 300% (not alot becuase values are extremely low 0.000015)
– minor changes to compensate for Ship speed and fix game bugs
– increased FOV
– new ISOCam, similar to fpc but fixes issues/ improves
– changes to probability of maps (better map/mission variety)

– Vertex water;
– added “water.ublck” to the game contents (for use with custom maps)
– new water textures (for use with the “water.ublck”)
– lighting changes


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