PS1 Copy Games Tutorial

I have 1 game that i try  play once a year with a very close friend who lives far-far away. We have been doing this almost every year for 17 years. Sadly i blew up my Original Sony PlayStation by using an incorrect Fuse & Original “Crash Team Racing” Game sometimes is unreadable. I own 3 copies of it and sometimes none of them work.  Unfortunately Crash Team Racing (Best Game Ever) is notoriously difficult (if not impossible) to copy.  Be warned not all Original PS1 games are easy to copy, however, these guides should cover everything you need to know.

– The “easy copies” tutorial is for games that you simply copy and they work. The “Hard Copies” tutorial is for games that have crazy copy-right protection and/ or special files (usually music/ or cuesheets/ sound) that require a little more work.

 How to Backup PS1 games with Other Software (Easy Copies)

These are the programs i recommend using, both are easy to use, once downloaded they are self-explanatory.

  • IMGBurn: backup PS1 & PS2 collection
  • PowerISO: used to read/write iso’s


 How to Backup PS1 games with Clone CD (Easy Copies)

↓↓↓ These require specific settings ↓↓↓

  •  Insert the PSX disc in your /DVD or Blu-Ray Drive Burner
  •  Fire up CloneCD, preferably and up.
  •  Click on the “Read to Image File” Button (the one with the glasses) & choose your drive
  • Try a test with the existing profiles you can choose, normally they work… If not…
  • Create a custom profile called “PlayStation Disc”. Right click on the white area and select “New” & input the following settings into the profile:

Data Read Settings

  • Read Speed Data: Max
  • Read Subchannel Data from Data Tracks: Checked
  • Regenerate Data Sectors: Checked

Audio Read Settings

  • Read Speed Audio: Max
  • Audio Extraction Quality: Medium(Fast)
  • Read Subchannel Data from Audio Tracks: Checked
  • Only Read the First Session: Unchecked

Error Handling

  • Fast Error Skip Settings: Off
  • Abort on Read Error: Off
  • Don’t Report Read Errors: Off
  • Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner: Off

After setting all that, click “Next.

  • name your .ccd file. If you want to have a .cue sheet file, check the appropriate box for it.
  • Once complete insert a blank CD or DVD
  • Click the “Write from Image file” Button (the one with the pencil)
  • Choose the CDRW drive. Click Next.
  • Input the following Wire settings

Write Settings

  • Write Speed: 4x (yes, 4x)
  • Weak Sectors: Ignore
  • Don’t Repair Subchannel Data: Checked
  • Always close last session: Checked



  • the PSX console has a lot of problems reading discs burned at a high speed, like 16X or so, and 4X in my experience is the fastest way to burn them without generating a lot of errors.
  • burning backups this way also makes my PS2 recognize them for some weird reason.
  •  You should use good-quality branded media though, and not those lousy silver generic discs.

This is just a guide from online that was cleaned up, its tested and works. Check the links below for more info

More Notes:

  • Some games require CueSheets, or some other crazy stuff. I will type up more on this another day

Some games were originally created a a corrupt file. a section on the disk is purposely corrupted or utilise a special copy right function from these massively expensive printing/ burning machines. When you copy a game the PC software automatically tries to fix this broken file. The result is when you load your copy it doesn’t pass the protection because it has been modified.

– not a great explanation i know, not very technical etc but that’s what happens. Your PC automatically fixes the error, but the error was actually supposed to be there, it was shipped with the product to prevent copying.



Piracy is not cool & is not supported, these guides are merely for backing up Original content because CD/DVD are a very poor storage medium.  


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