I will try to offer MineCraft information that is not often discussed elsewhere, or at least my experience of it and the reasons i finally broke and started developing with/for Minecraft. You can also read about the Project i have for it, remaking Ultima 7 In minecraft. This page contains an overview, the adjoined pages go a bit more into detail with cool images, video’s and downloads.

 The shadersmod:

Minecraft is able to make use of the ridiculously expensive PC rig i built. Until this point i refused to play anything that was not visually impressive, but this mod really was a nice touch.


Pokemon was (& still is) huge and the time of the 1st generation pokemon cards was a memorable one. The pixelmon mod for Minecraft is pretty impressive, although i am not interested in merging two games, i could just easily play/enjoy pokemon yellow/red/blue on my GameBoy, but i  really liked seeing Minecraft populated with lots of creatures.

Minecraft lacks wildlife, in fact, i always thought 90% of games lacked wildlife touches in general, thankfully we are now seeing this become the AAA standard with other titles utilising the same wildlife implementations into their environments. Pixelmon answered all my concerns for this.

Custom Textures:

Given that i have thousands of custom textures and enjoy making more all the time, being able to integrate my own HD textures is where i can express myself and enjoy Minecraft.

Using existing texture packs i was able mimic the folder layout and replace them with my own textures, not sure if this is right but it seems to work.

Increasing Dedicated RAM:

I haven’t read much about Minecraft, i just go by experience of Unreal Engine based games, but it was clear minecraft wasn’t running perfectly, i read about an OptiFine mod, but it looks nothing more than a few extra UI options for already existing Config listings, which can be edited manually. As such i decided to try stuff out, i noticed you can increase the RAM dedicated to Minecraft using the Launcher Options ‘JVM arguments’, by default mine was set to 1G, now it is set to 16GB Ram, probably overkill, but i plan on using all 512 and 1024 textures, plus extra animals.

My Minecraft Projects:

Although i am new to minecraft i have started a big project. I have not looked into “how to setup a server”- If you read this and know how, post me a guide/link please.

The Ultima 7 In minecraft world is ready. If i could trust people to build upon it online, without “griefing the map”, then i could post it online and the community could help build it.

Ultima 7 Environment remake:

  • The entire map (All islands) is built [images will be uploaded soon]
  • Currently working on the buildings
  • I have created an Ultima/Minecraft resource pack containing;…
  • …2 different author’s textures (ultima 6 style) and a few schematics/ maps these users have uploaded & anything i have created
  • Schematics are required for; trees, buildings etc – this would speed up the process significantly

The reason i own Minecraft (on the xbox)

  • mojang released the update with the Dragon fight at the end. This was the point i decided minecraft was a game, rather than a (very primitive) piece of software for environment creation, plus it came free with my xbox 360.

The reason i own Minecraft (on the PC)

  • i saw 2 mods; the ShadersMod & Pixelmon and because i knew you could use your own textures.
  • i got it for free, legally.

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