Texture Portfolio

  • Download textures below or on request.

Bespoke Higher resolution and seamless textures available… contact me and ask.

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Alphas, Decals and Masks


Masks can be used in many situations to create variation in other textures and materials

Blood Stains


A collection of blood stain textures, often used for decals.



A collection of brick starter textures, patterns and templates and some brick textures.

  • Animals & Creatures
  • Camo
  • Concrete
  • Custom Cursors
  • Effects
  • Fire
  • Tiles/ Floor tiles
  • Food
  • Glass
  • Granite
  • Logo’s
  • Metal
  • Minerals
  • Nature
  • News paper/ articles  
  • Signs


SkyPack_Preview_02  SkyPack_Preview

The SkyPack is a large collection of both real and man-made sky textures for the Unreal Engine 4 enabling users to create 100’s of different real and fantasy sky materials. The Skypack is intended to be a paid for product, but i have also made a collection of free sky textures.

  • Snow
  • Space
  • Terrain



A collection of 20 Tile textures that can be used for floors or walls.

  • Vehicles
  • Walls
  • Water


Some simple, but useful, water textures

  • Weather Effects
  • Weapon



A nice collection of wood textures

More content is available:

About my textures:

I get the most enjoyment from creating Sky & sky dome textures but i am not tied down by any particular style. If i had to coin a term it would be “neo-realistic-impressionism”, by which i mean i enjoy using realistic images/ approaches to make textures, structures & geometry along with a more surreal colorful/ environment style.

The majority of textures here are:

  • hand/mouse painted in Photoshop …
  • Sourced from a Sony Camera [’16’ Megapixels] 
  • some are showcased from within the Unreal Engines [with simple material setups (Normal, Specular & Diffuse maps, or heightmaps etc)]
  • Photoshop/Camera was expensive to buy & a lot of time was spent on the textures. 

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