Emulator (PS1)



It is Strongly recommended PS1 owners try ePSXe. The image avbove shows 12 PS1 titles running simultaneously with very little impact on CPU.

Although i use my  PS1 Console to play my PS1 Games i have tested the Playstation 1 emulators that are available with the majority of PS1 Games. 

ePSXe Tutorial:

  • The setup/ installation of ePXSe is well documented online
  • The most useful tutorials pertain to specific  CONFIG settings


EPSXE CONFIG: (Games & Config Settings)



ePSXe Config settings are saved in the ‘reg’ files. You can use”regedit” to export/ import settings for specific games. It can take a long time to get the best settings for a specific PS1 title, so using regedit is the recommended way.

Using Regedit:

  • Delete reg to Remove exisiting CONFIG SETTINGS
  • Import “xXx.reg” files by double clicking them in Windows.
  • Export reg when you have the settings for your game, save it e.g. “Tekken.reg”



Emulator Version:                = ePSXe v1.7.0

Video Plugin:                         = Pete’s OpenGL Driver v2.9

internal X & Internal Y        = Very High

Stretching mode:                    = Stretch to full window size

render Mode:                           = 2 (Use framebuffer object)

text filt                                       = 2

FPS limit                                    = 53

Compatibility                            =1,3,2

Shader effects                           = 1 (Fullscreen smoothing)

Audio Plugin:                           = ePSXe SPU Core v.1.7.0

CD-ROM Plugin:                       = ePSXe Cdrom plugin

Game Pad Plugin N / A

Controller Digital only

Bios:                                              = SCPH7502







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