Wii Emulator (Dolphin)

The Wii Emulator, “Dolphin” , is a nice emulator. I wanted to use it  for playing Project zero 4, otherwise known as “Fatal Frame 4” or “Zero:_Tsukihami_no_Kamen”. I am Eagerly awaiting the release of the 5th [Fatal_Frame_V:_Oracle_of_the_Sodden_Raven], although i haven’t actually completed any of them, i thought i would play through the current quadrilogy and that the Emulator was the easiest option to do so.

 Video Example:

As for the emulator i can only provide my experience and some information that i feel was missing from online documentation.

How to Run Wiii Emulator “Dolphin” (with fatal frame 4) 

You will need a copy of Fatal frame 4 from Japan, and the community Translation (English) patch, but im sure this is going to be worth it.

  • Download Dolphin
  • Place in a nice directory and run it. It is that simple
  • I recommend using your Wii remote. I had issues with the XBOX controller
  • Connect your Wii remote with Blutooth Device

I only recommend this  next step as it might help get the Wii remote working straight away

Wii remote on PC

  •  It took a few attempts to make the Wii remote connect, for a while it was disconnecting
  • XBOX controller brought me no joy, but you may have success with it.

You can also  use the community patch with you copy of fatal frame in the Wii, the emulator on PC is just an option i prefer to use for this game. Softmodding the Wii is well documented Here.

^^ get all that done with the patch on a USB HDD, then use the same HDD for your PC with the Emulator.


Compatible Disc Drives are needed for ripping Wii stuff, but im not going to get into that here.




This guide is not aimed for piracy, it was just teh easiest way to run Fatal Frame with the english Patch. I own a Wii and the Wii games used.


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