UT2015 (Specific)

The New Unreal Tournament is out. At least the Public alpha’s are available to forum members. Other versions have been available for sometime.

Sign up with the link below, download it  to play test.. or just wait until it is finished.



  • Currently i do not see a server for UK
  • if people would like to join my UK server and play UT check the “Contact me” page or leave a comment below


First thoughts:

  • Unimpressed
  • The movement is not great. It feels like UT99 with UT3 pasted on top of it.
  • Spawn points are predictable
  • Maps do not have player limits, therefore they get overcrowded and spawn/spam fest scenario’s
  • you can slide, which is not needed, also it enables you to slide up slanted walls, that’s right, you cannot double jump but you can defy physics and gravity.

I was hoping for something better but, with the exception of 1 map, it is not worth the time. No need to harp on about how it is only an alpha as this makes no difference. They could have copy/ pasted all of UT99 by now and it would have been better than the new movement mechanics. Alot of simple things should have been implemented before an alpha release.


  • Maps without falling forever and ever– that would be a great start
  • maps that have suitable spawn points pickups and basic layout that accommodates specific player counts. Not 50 people in a small, irregularly shaped series of cubes

Spawn points:

  • spawn points are predictable, this is pathetic. Open up the map in editor or play it once and you know where people will spawn just by where you kill them last.. That’s a horrible experience for anyone, it doesn’t take skill.
  • Spawn points that are random, not 100% random, but random so that they do not repeat spawns and spawn you where you just died, would be much better. I implemented this into VCTF-revenant with much enjoyable success… and many maps since


  • It put a fair bit of effort into making a completely unbias thread that provides the UT community with a one stop Thread containing all links and discussions on weapons
  • Each weapon had a series of links chosen from the community with small notes on the most interesting or important topics (based on community responses).
  • This included ideas for fire modes, sounds, differences between the existing weapons etc etc
  • it included the overall consensus and a clever way to take every unreal weapon every made and build a stock weapon setup of about 10 weapons that would be new and pleasing to all, after all we don’t need 5 stingers & 5 pistol type weapons, we just need the best from each one etc
  •  I received one reply, 1 reply for a thread that covers about 50+ pages of people asking and posting their stuff. This is  another perfect example of e.g. 4 people making a rocket launcher thread, just to be the person who made that thread. “This is a post with me making a title ‘rocket launcher’ and i think the ut99 was good.. sigh… a total waste of time. How is it not a good idea to gather all the similar topics and compiling them into one useful location.
  • again people unable to show some commnunitarianism, if they thought about it, posting an additional link to their thread on a kind of notice board, would make it easier for people to access. I would ave also provided up to date links etc..


  • As for the ‘community’, i see no change. You join a server and noone says hello, that’s rude.  Why pay for a subscription to a game that is badly made atm, then not say hello when people join the server you pay for.Let me guess because you only want to show the world how amazing you are at UT.. Now these people are not contributors on the forums and don’t make the game any better so i really cannot understand it.
  • ^^ isn’t that why you have the server ?..
  • It is not a community but people working on their own, people running servers on their own so they can have the lowest ping play all day and get easy kills with no sportsmanship. That is not what i want in UT.
  • I have seen some awesome stuff from some community members, but none of it appears in the alpha build. That is very dissappointing and one can only point to Epic. is it that hard to slap an extra map in there to get some extra feedback and variety?. Add Something playable…
  • so far since release i do not know how many downloads but i have seen over 100 names in servers, on the forums for feedback there is only 10 posts, 8 of which are “where is the link?” which is clearly in the thread and the rest are thanks!..
  • ^^ as you can see, my observations are truly valid

The Engine:

  • A pretty engine does not make a great FPS, but it is nice and runs pretty well on old Hardware. It does look like a GPU upgrade will be needed since DMDeck is  simple map and FPS is only on 60 average, but if they can improve that before polishing the maps then i will not spending money on new equipment, just to make marginally better looking maps.

It will look nice, but it will play like any other tired ass UT, the people are ignorant or just basically subhuman, there is nothing new and most importantly, nothing essential being added.The experience of the Alpha test merely strengthened my belief that this game will be no different to any other in the UT series. It will be fun making maps just for something to do, but nothing else will be worth spending time on.



Sorry its not the most positive overview, but  i have been playing Unreal since 1998 and i know how it works, i also understand why Epic have to choose doing this instead of simply selling a remake of Unreal 1998 which would actually receive a more positive response, more money too (the threads show it).


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