3DS Max Tutorials

– The key is to use tutorials that teach you the basics. Once you grasp these you can apply them to other models.

Links: (links to other people’s good tutorials)


Lighting your 3D Model scene (Quoted from here)

Once you scene is fully modelled make sure all your models with textures under the “Map Channel” 1.Lighting.  Now it’s time to add the lighting,

Go to Create>Lights>Standard Lights and choose a light which will best match your scene. I created a “Free Spotlight” but for your scene you can choose whatever you like.
Add the light to the scene and position it how you like, you might need to do a couple of test renders to get it just right and you can also enable shadows by checking the “On” checkbox which can be found in the lights modifier properties. Render to Texture

With all the objects selected (except the light) Goto Rendering>Render To Texture… or press the 0 key.
Under the “Output” submenu click Add and in the window that pops-up select “ShadowsMap”. Then set the “Target Map Slot” to “Diffuse Color” You must then set the size of the texture, 512×512 is a good size. Scroll back up to the “General Settings” submenu and change the Output path to your desired folder. Now press the “Render” button and your new lightmap will be located in your chosen output path.


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