Emulator (PS2)

The PCSX2 Emulator is easy to use but not 100% stable, (at least on my system with 5+ games tested).

A legitimate PS2 BIOS is needed as one is not provided with the emulation software. I used a PS2 Slim to obtain my Bios, this process is known as a BIOS Dump. At first the process failed, after a few tries it worked. I was unable to dump BIOS from a PS2 FAT.

PCSX2 Tutorial:

Below you will find Project Zero and Unreal Tournament PS2 info as examples

Project Zero:  (Emulator does not really improve game)


↑↑↑Click the video links above to compare the PS2 with PCSX2↑↑↑

Project zero is playable in hardware mode, but if you want a really good score you should stick to software emulator.

Hardware emulation does provide significant visual improvements for cut-scenes and particularly when reading notes or textiles (the UI is alot nicer also). The whole game becomes slightly more illuminated, however it causes problems when playing the game.

Switching modes with F9 does work, but it can lead to temporary slowdowns which effect audio and sound effects. Gameplay and may become frustration or even detrimental to survival.

Known Issues/ Fixes

  • Press F9 to switch from hardware to software mode to fix common issues
  • The final boss can crash, to fix this run ‘around’ the boss before using the camera. (it is documented online)

Overall it does improve the visual quality, but the bugs are too damaging to play. I recommended using software emulation and just appreciate that you can play it PC, with a monitor 1080p 60fps/ 60 hz preferable 120-144Hz, failing that a CRT Monitor may help.

Unreal Tournament  (Emulator improves game)


Unreal Tournament on the PlayStation 2 has issues with loading screens, it hangs.

To fix:

  • Change “VU” settings to “superVu” to fix this issue
  • “Emulation settings\ VUs\superVU”

The game loads extremely fast. It takes a few changes to get the resolution correct but compared to the PS2 version and/or running the game on PS2 over Ethernet/ cross-over cable to the PC. PCSX2 provides a much better experience.

 A full compatibility list

  • ↑↑↑Click for a list of known issues/ compatibility of PS2 games with PCSX2↑↑↑








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