UT3 RTNP Project

Unreal Gold: Retun to Na Pali in UT3: The project overview:

  • Bringing UGold RTNP into UT3
  • Complete rebuild that replicates the original
  • a huge array of fixes, improvements  and enhancements
  • Scaled to accommodate UT3 mechanics, single- player and multi-player
  • Multi-player is possible and most levels will be available as MP versions
  • Co-Op could be implemented but i would not be able to guarantee  net-code compatibility.

The textures

  • new textures are based on the original, bringing out the colour and detail with some additional changes.
  • Normal maps & Specular maps are created in addition to Diffuse maps. Some distortion maps and other texture may be used.
  • i really would like some wild and vibrant colours to sell the whole world as an alien environment taken over by high-tech hostiles.
  • Some textures were intended to be 3D models, so some of these have been made into them

The Geometry and BSP

  • new BSP (geometry) based on the original
  • Reducing BSP count as much as possible, in some cases 75% or more, whilst keeping the exact same shape.
  • Converting repetitive Additive BSP to Mesh (Converts are remade using 3D Modelling software)
  • Geometry like mountains and huge rocks are not needed
  • BSP cuts and splits are made non-existant

Static Mesh 

  • The BSP converts are used as reference models to remake new 3D Models (mainly low poly due to huge project)
  • small changes are made to iconic objects to make them stand out
  • UV lightmaps provide much needed lighting and shadow boosts

The Environment

  • Bringing out the environment is a little tougher, given the lack of flora & fauna within “Unreal :Return to Na Pali” and the new UT3 scale, the environment may feel a little empty.
  • Weather effects and other themes should fill in the feeling of emptiness
  • Strong, vibrant colours..

The weapons

  • Various attempts at remaking the weapons will be included
  • Enforcer temp, would prefer Automag
  • Dispersion Pistol (Power Level 1,2,3,4)
  • UT3 has a strong emphasis on high-quality weapons, in comparison to other art, as such if improved (community) versions of the original weapons are available they will be used.
  • if the above is not available, i will tweak the originals but Animations will be basic

The Enemies

  • Hopefully using a combination of UT3 AI, Kismet and Game-type source code such as “Invasion” (from UT2004) should be enough to create a horde system & the original enemy encounters
  • RBTT Monsters will be useful and any other stuff i can find
  • Skaarj and GasBag are planned, as these are already available. However, further AI implementations, animations and replicating the original encounters 100%,  may not be achievable but should still be fun.



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