Mutatis Universus (UFO AM)

Title:                                                                                  UFO Aftermath: “Mutatis Universus” (“UFO_AM_MU”)
Author:                                                                                TKBS
Game:                                                                                   UFO Aftermath [v1.4]
Release Date:                                                                     xx/03/2015

Download Link:     
More Content by author:                                              htps://
Description:                                                                       Mod; Combines all UFO AM mods; including enhanced environments, combo mod and all other mods.[Textures, Music/Sounds, config etc]
New Sounds:                                                                       Yes
New Graphics:                                                                    Yes
New Script:                                                                           Yes
External DLLs:                                                                Yes
Known issues:                                                                 NONE
Extended description:

For those who want an “All-In-One” mod. This mod combines the best of everymod to make a whole new experience. This mod includes something from every mod; enhanced environment textures, a wider sound library, new maps, a better camera, changes required to fix game bugs, extra weapons, characters and more. It completely overhauls the game, with everything the “combo mod” missed out and the newest content.

– Full Mod changes can be read in the “Mutatis Mutandis” & “combo mod” read me’s.


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