MEdge Editor Setup

A simple process to access the Mirror’s Editor can be done by using another Unreal Engine Game. Please note it is not without issues

  • You Should backup alot of Mirror’s Edge content first, I advise at least backing up all the maps.
  • Local Drive: xxx\Mirrors Edge\TdGame\CookedPC\Maps
  • Copy That folder to another location for backup
  • You can only load a map file that has the same name as an existing map.
  • If you do not own another Unreal Engine Game, you should download UDK


Method 1

  •  Copy and Paste 2 folders to your  Local Drive:xxx\Mirrors Edge\Binaries
  • wxRC
  • wxRes
  • Both folders can be Found in an Unreal Engine Game UT3 is recommended.

– i have attempted to go a few steps further and fix some of the Known issues that are involved in this, sadly all i have been able to do is  create a more specific setup guide and possibly find the start trail of fixes some issues.



Method 2:

  •  Same as above, but if you look at the files with in the 2 folders for example “UnrealEdPhysics”, you can take this file from another game you choose or from UDK
  •  do this for the other files and test it


Create a shortcut to the Editor:

  • “Loacl Drive:\xxx\Mirrors Edge\Binaries\MirrorsEdge.exe” editor
  • The editor will allow you to open the editor, here are other commands you can add to the shortcut url
  • -log
  • -physx
  • -dx10


Known Issues:

  • Missing Images/ Icons for browser files.

– sadly some of the image files are specific to MEdge, i was hoping i could check the source code for the editor and add custom images to the missing files , in theory its sound but i never tried it.

  • Map file naming/ saving structure

– you can only save maps with names that already exist in MEdge

– this is not much of an issue as long as you backup the original and save the custom maps out of the MEdge folder and simply move them to the game only when you want to play them









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