Code Portfolio

The UT3 Forums contain alot of the Code that I (TKBS) have posted. Please request anything you find of interest.


UDK Code Kits: (Complete Game development Kits)

  • UDK MazeGame: A Dev- Kit resource of code, tutorials and a playable example
  • UDK Adventure Kit:  I provided additional support for this and alot of my code can be found within this project.

UT3 Code:

Code Snippets

  • Useful bits of code that benefit level & environment design, to make it more efficient.

~Coding Chat~:

Coding, it’s not something i would say i enjoy doing. Without the Unreal Community and the help/ sources available on the forums & UDN, coding would be something i would prefer to leave alone. That being said i have found it essential to learn Unreal Code, both for myself and to help others.

– There is a huge amount of code available online, it is free to use but often requires adaptations for different projects, (it is easy to get overwhelmed, so a base knowledge of code is important).

– Understanding Unreal Script was an incredibly large benefit. I was able to start coding using the help of Unreal Kismet and then using the resources available, alot of trial and error and some community help.

– Unreal code is intersting for people to learn code, but Unreal Engine 4 now uses C#.


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