Code Portfolio

The UT3 Forums contain alot of the Code i  (TKBS) have posted. Until i add some sub-sections please request anything you find of interest.

Coding, it’s not something i would say i enjoy doing. Without the Unreal Community and the help/ sources available on forums & UDN, coding would be something i would prefer to leave alone. That being said i have found it essential to learn Unreal Code, both for myself and to help others.

– There is a huge amount of code available online, it is free to use but often requires adaptations for different projects, (it is easy to get overwhelmed, so a base knowledge of code is important).- Understanding Unreal Script is an incredibly large benefit.I was able to start coding using the help of Unreal Kismet and then using the resources available, alot of trial and error and some community help.

Code Kits:

  • UDK MazeGame Offers a nice resource of code and tutorials and a playable example
  • The UDK Adventure Kit (started by FTC) is a great example of code. I provided some additional support for this and alot of my code can be found within this project.
  • The Return to NaPali UT3 Remake contains thousands of lines of code and files.

Code For UT3:

Code Snippets

  • Useful bits of code that benefit level & environment design, to make it more efficient.



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