Mortal Kombat X

How to Unlock Goro Free:


video unavailable becuase of YT;

By default the character “Goro” is locked. A scaleform UI pop screen links to the steam store to pay for DLC content that allows the unlock of goro. I have had no success in the files with a hex editor or with the Unreal engine editors, but simply renaming files works well enough to unlock the hidden characters.

How to unlock extra charters:

Files can be renamed to the character you would like to use. In the video i replaced “Kenshi” with “Goro”, but any characters can be switched around. The changes are made here:

  • \Steam\SteamApps\common\MK10\Asset
  • \Steam\SteamApps\common\MK10\MKScript
  •  Create a backup of the original files
  • copy and paste the character you would like to unlock to a new folder and Rename it to an existing character that is already unlocked.
  • 22 files are changed in the assets folder and 5 files from the script folder need to be changed

e.g Goro to Kenshi:

  • “Char_Goro_A.tfc”, “”, “”    …..becomes
  • “Char_Kenshi_A.tfc”, “”, “”

Script files are linked to the assets folder so make sure you change any references in that location.


  • “TRAIT_Goro1.mko”/”TRAIT_Goro2.mko”/”TRAIT_Goro3.mko” / “UI_PS_Goro.mko”/ “CHAR_Goro_A.mko”  …..becomes
  • “TRAIT_Kenshi1.mko”/”TRAIT_Kenshi2.mko”/”TRAIT_Kenshi3.mko”/ “UI_PS_Kenshi.mko”/ “CHAR_Kenshi_A.mko”

Hopefully a way to make mutators or mods, levels and new character slots will be made possible, but for now you can enjoy these extra characters:

Available Extra Characters:

  • Goro (Working/ Fully supported; sound, fatalities, animations,) Requires 5 Script Files and 22 package files
  • Shinnok/ Shinnok Corrupted (Working/ Fully supported)
  • Rain (Working / no fatalities?)
  • Tanya (Working / no fatalities?)
  • Sindel (Working / no fatalities?)
  • Baraka (Working / no fatalities?)
  • Jason (Crashes, unable to display char name; possibly works if you substitute the MasterMale char for missing jason entry)
  • Aztec (untested/ probably the name of another char, kotal kahn maybe)
  • MasterMale (Loads 1/2 symbiot on his own, then crashes; probably a dummy char)
  • Nomad (untested/ probably the name of another char, the symbiot other half maybe)

Full character List (for reference):

  • Aztec
  • Baraka
  • CageJr
  • Ermac
  • Goro
  • Jason
  • Jax
  • JaxJr
  • JohnnyCage
  • Kano
  • Kenshi
  • KenshiJr
  • Kitana
  • KungLao
  • KungLaoJr
  • LadyBug
  • LiuKang
  • LiuKangJr
  • MasterMale
  • Mileena
  • Nomad
  • Predator1
  • Quanchi
  • Raiden
  • Rain
  • Reptile
  • Scorpion
  • Shinnok
  • ShinnokBoss
  • Sindel
  • Smoke
  • Sonya
  • Subzero
  • Tanya
  • Tremor




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