Landscape, Terrain and Land type Static Mesh Tutorials

Over the past 4 years the Unreal forums have been flooded with a huge amount of requests for information & help on Landscape and Terrain tutorials. I noticed a trend & i have developed a tutorial that can answer the majority of questions or issues people have. It’s really cool.

This tutorial can be used in amazing ways. Some of the things it can help with:

  • how to make Multiple Terrains,
  • how to make terrain/landscape type static mesh,
  • how to overcome issues with landscapes because the geometry tools being limited
  • want to make custom holes and shaped in you landscape?
  • Reached the texture limit and experiencing an LSD style color show?
  • Ever wanted to go beyond UDK Landscape Size Limits?
  • fake landscape Larger than 10km
  • Turn a map image (e.g. of the globe) into geometry

The tutorial entitled “Map Projection to Static Mesh” will cover these topics and more. It enables users to create amazing high & Low poly 3D models, which are replicas of real world geometry. You can turn the entire World Globe into a static mesh that looks just like landscape or terrain, or a hand drawn tressure map into a treasure land of mountains and sea

Why Create this?:

  • You can create any land you want with this method, which is awesome.
  •  It’s amazing for performance
  •  It’s Great for Level/ Game/ Environment Design
  • ( It can be useful for many things, i needed it for various reasons)
  • I was trying to get a similar result as Epic’s Terrain Static Mesh and the jazz rabbit stuff.



Below is the original tutorial i wrote





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