UT1999 (Beta)

I have included this page because the “Unreal Tournament 1999 Beta” contains content that was not shipped with the UT99 Final version but was ported backwards to Unreal Gold and research shows that it has not been documented all that well.

– Some of this content can be found in the unofficial “Division Map pack” but this map pack can be very confusing as it is for Unreal Gold so should not reference UT99, it contains content from different games and incorrect file names, so please read before pursuing download links, instead download the packs i provide.


 UT 99 Beta Maps not included in UT99:

  • CTF-December
  • DM-Ariza (Featured in Unreal 1998 BotMatch Map)
  • DM-Athena
  • DM-BayC (Featured in Unreal Special edition Demo Creative Labs)
  • DM-Creek (Featured in Unreal Special edition Demo Creative Labs)
  • DM-DayBreak
  • DM-DeathFan (Featured in Unreal 1998 BotMatch Map)
  • DM-Deck16 (Featured in Unreal 1998 BotMatch Map)
  • DM-Despair (Fusion map pack for Unreal 1998 Gold)
  • DM-Eclipse
  • DM-Elsinoire (Featured in Unreal 1998 BotMatch Map)
  • DM-Fith (Featured in Unreal 1998 BotMatch Map)
  • DM-Hazard
  • DM-Krazy (Featured in Unreal Special edition Demo Creative Labs)
  • DM-Letting (Featured in Fusion map pack for Unreal 1998 Gold)
  • DM-Locke (Featured in GW Press Add Pack for Unreal 1998 Gold)
  • DM-Loxi (Featured in Fusion map pack for Unreal 1998 Gold)
  • DM-Morbfanza
  • DM-Radikus (Featured in Unreal 1998 BotMatch Map)
  • DM-Scruular
  • DM-Splash
  • DM-Stomp
  • DM-SunsPeak
  • DM-Terra
  • DM-Tundra  (Featured in Unreal 1998 BotMatch Map)
  • DM-Twilight (Fusion map pack for Unreal 1998 Gold)
  • DM-Villa NOTE: (A similar map name is shown in the GW Press Add Pack for Unreal 1998 Gold, By the name of DMVilla2.un_)
  • DOM-Cinder
  • TDK-NightOP

 UT 99 Beta Music not included in UT99:

  • Menu2.umx
  • XYZDMenu2.umx


  • The UTLogo is very different to the UT logo we now know

The  “Division Map pack (‘DMP’)”for Unreal Gold (why you should not download it)

  • …described on the “liandri archives” as including 3 UT99 Beta maps, the description is inaccurate.
  •  ‘DMP’ is for Unreal Gold, porting maps backwards becomes confusing 7 as you can see most maps were intended for Unreal Tournament 99
  • Quoting Liandri archives ” It includes the 3dfx OEM demo levels, GW Press levels, three maps from the Unreal Beta and one map cut from Return to Na Pali”.  
  • ^^ this is not true, alot of the content from these packs is not included in the ‘DMP’ as my other pages show.
  • Dmeclipse and Dmdespair are from the Unreal 1998 Beta and they also feature in the Unreal Tournament Beta but they are not in Unreal 1998 or Unreal Gold  and that is the mistake
  • the content is modified, not compatible with the correct versions and no original versions are provided for a reference and alot is missing from the add-on packs listed
  • It does not include all of the add-ons for Unreal 1998 such as the Creative_BonusMapPack

I would find it easier to understand if it said “contains all add-on packs from Unreal/URNTP and UT99 Beta converted for use with UGold”

Check my other pages to see each Unreal & Unreal Tournament release explained and download the packs (for the correct original files and versions of those files ported to the next engine)


Even this page is a mess trying to explain it all, what needs to be clear is maps in the “DMP” are for Unreal Gold but they Include Unreal Tournament 99 Beta maps, there is no evidence of maps being cut from napali that i can find.

As you can see the UT 99 beta included Unreal 1998 botmatch content, but the fusion maps are not identical to the UT99 beta maps and are different again from later community releases.

Evidence suggest Delacroix is one of the people to both blame and thank for this mess with division map pack. Although it is generally appreciated to have modified content working for later versions of unreal, not including original versions and information has lead to a big miss, leaving out the majority of content and back-porting makes it even worse. Liandri archives have dropped too many cross-conflicting references to games from the series on their pages so now it is hard to understand the content available. Also an extremely large amount of info and content is not available to which only delacroix can be blamed (the creative add on bonus pack patch for example). It’s ironic that this person made such a mess with DMP, his archive or unreal is nothing more than a personal ‘be the king’ quest, evident by modifying everything under the sun, rarely releasing original stuff and not including original content for people – note i offered to help with this but received a nasty attitude from him. These pages will help people organise people’s Unreal collection, but it will be based on my work as delacroix will not authorise a continuation of his Archive and will not release the contents to me.

– i personally see no point in gathering so much unreal stuff just so that you can be buried with it.



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