UDK Game Dev by John.p.Doran

After following the  UDK Game Development Tutorial [Video’s] by John P. Doran i can strongly recommend this course to anyone who is a new comer to UDK/game development.(… or those looking to put together their game in a short space of time.)

  • It is a rare occurrence to have such a thorough tutorial (in a little over 3 hrs), that allows a new UDK user to produce such a fulfilling result.
  • It has what so many tutorials and guides lack; the right information, in a short space of time, without getting the user overwhelmed.
  • The most impressive part of the guide is what a completely new user will accomplish from using it (both basics and essentials) & for anyone interested in UDK game development, these tutorials are a wise investment.

The guides will not teach you how to be a skilled 3D modeller, a great level designer or texture artist, but it does cover the most important question, “how to make a game?” & even touches upon the ever dreaded coding in a way that makes it understandable and easy for anyone to begin creating & publishing their world.

I have been using UDK since 2010 (as a level designer and modder), having seen most UDK tutorials over the years i can safely say John P. Doran should have started writing these guides earlier.

“a rewarding investment “


See the complete game i produced in less than 3 hrs here: (coming soon)




Many Thanks to “packtpub”, “John.P.Doran” and the rest of the team.







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