Pixelmon Guide:

Not much to say that isn’t covered in webpages already or on YouTube, but i made a few changes to Pixelmon for performance and personal preference.


Pixemlmon did’nt run too well at times, it has nothing to do with my hardware,  the majority of performance drops can be attributed to Flying animals in minecraft/ pixelmon. Since I am a 1st generation Pokemon fan i was able to get pixelmon how i wanted and with great performance. here’s what i did…


config changes:

  • Changing all starting Pokemon to 1st generation pokemon, the 3 starters, the rare and some of my favourite. I always start with Mew, even on GameBoy 🙂

# Sets whether Generation 1 Pixelmon will be spawned or not (Pokedex 1-151)

# Sets whether Generation 2 Pixelmon will be spawned or not (Pokedex 152-251)

  • I set only the 1st generation 151 Pokemon, its personal preference but it also helped performance considerably.


S:”1 – First Choice”=Bulbasaur
S:”2 – Second Choice”=Squirtle
S:”3 – Third Choice”=Charmander
S:”4 – Fourth Choice”=Mew
S:”5 – Fifth Choice”=Psyduck
S:”6 – Sixth Choice”=Kangaskhan
S:”7 – Seventh Choice”=Articuno
S:”8 – Eighth Choice”=Zapdos
S:”9 – Ninth Choice”=Moltres
S:”_10 – Tenth Choice”=Dratini
S:”_11 – Eleventh Choice”=Kabuto
S:”_12 – Twelfth Choice”=Omanyte
S:”_13 – Thirteenth Choice”=Eevee
S:”_14 – Fourteenth Choice”=Lapras
S:”_15 – Fifteenth Choice”=Scyther

  • Increasing the chance of Rare Pokemon spawn (decreasing the value)

# Sets odds of Legendary Spawning (1 in X spawns), higher values spawn wild legendaries less often
I:”Legendary Spawn Rate”=500

  • Keep the default Minecraft AI (Mobs) [Pixelmon turns them off by default]

# Allow creepers, skeletons, etc to spawn in the world – DANGER can kill you while battling
B:”Allow vanilla mobs”=true

I had no reason to worry about pokebattles being interfered with, or creepers exploding near me when i pokebattle, as i use pixelmon only for the wildlife not as a pokemon replacement. You can change the config file to have pokemon attack you or be docile.


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