Stamps and Stencils

Creating stamps and stencils: (E.G. for MudBox)

  • Color Mode: RGB Color – 16 bit
  • Background Contents: Transparent
  1. ensures alpha channel is created.
  • Advanced > Color Profile: Don’t Color Manage this Document.
  1. ensures file is not tagged with existing color profiles.
  • Paint your stamp or stencil.
  •  File > Save As TIFF
  1. Save Options: “Layers” = Off
  2. Image Compression: LZW
  3. Pixel Order: Interleaved (RGBRGB)
  4. Byte Order: IBM PC
  5. Save Transparency: On
  6. Layer Compression: Discard Layers and Save a Copy.
  • Place here:
  1. (Windows) <drive>:\Program Files\Autodesk\Mudbox2009\stamp
  2. (Windows) <drive>:\Program Files\Autodesk\Mudbox2009\stencil

Stamp Notes:

– Height and width for a stamp image between 256 and 512 pixels
– The height and width should be square in proportion.

Stencil Notes:

– The height and width can be non-square in proportion.