UFO Aftermath

Download the UFO Aftermath “MegaMod-Kit”, a project that provides various improvements/fixes to the game & an almost complete re-texturing. It also contains all the info/ tools needed for modding UFO AM.


  • MegaMod (A re-textured and improved version of UFO AM)
  • Tutorial for installing and modding UFO Aftermath
  • All required Mod tools/ files / Info
  • Improvements & fixes 
  • MegaMod2: Combines my “MegaMod” with the best of all mods and the “Combomod” (with improvements) 
  • Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2v6f8er515sd9sr/MegaModKit.rar

The pages that accompany this section (listed below) are included as text files within the “MegaMod-Kit”. They have been posted here prior to it’s release.

An additional page covers the MegaMod-Kit project. (this is not included in the megamod-kit files) and some images etc are available here also.

Related pages:


  •  I was planning to 100% re-texture the game, but due to tiem constraints i wanted to get the project released early. Consider this a fully functional beta that others are welcomed to continue




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