Area 51 (PC)

Area 51


  • Officially freeware
  • Horror/ Survival FPS game for PC, XBOX and PlayStation 2.

Area 51 is a science fiction first-person shooter video game that was released in 2005, published by Midway. Notable among the voice actors are David Duchovny as Ethan Cole, Marilyn Manson as Edgar the ancient and powerful Grey, Powers Boothe as Major Bridges, and Ian Abercrombie as Dr. Cray.

[Quote from wiki]
“The game was released as freeware sometime ago for U.S. based consumers by the United States Air Force.” 

  •  A patch is required to play the game (Link below)
  • Features Marilyn Manson & Voice acting by David Duchovny
  •  creatures designed by Stan Winston Studios, famed creature designer for such films as “Aliens”, “Jurassic Park” and “Predator”
  •  a Jump Bug is present (↓↓↓See my Fix below↓↓↓)


Original Video link is dead: because of my terminated YT account. This was a Re-Upload


Jump Bug Fix:

  • Delete the “UserVConfig.ini” before you play the game (everytime you want to play)
  • Run game in 640×480
  • Right click A51.exe > Properties > Compatibility
  • – Set Resolution to 640 x 480
  • – Windows XP SP3
  • – Run program as Admin

– The “UserVConfig.ini” will be created after 1st of the game.
– You will need to delete it everytime, before you start the game

Alternative Jump Bug Fix 2 (Alternative 2): (Only If you have Dual Monitor)

  • [1] Set monitor 1 resolution (your desktop) to “640 x 480”
  • [2] Set monitor 2 resolution (your desktop) to “1920 x 1080” (or the resolution you want)
  • [3] Run game as normal, Press “ALT+TAB” & drag your Game window on Monitor 2
    – you can then maximise the screen on your 2nd monitor leaving the first desktop monitor @ 640×480

Alternative Jump Bug Fix 3 (Alternative 3):
– It is possible that the “Windowed Borderless Gaming” tool can help
– read more here:

Installation Guide:

  • Downlaod the Required Files (Download Links below)
  • Install “midway_area51.exe”
  • Install “a51_us_patch_1_2”
  • Read and apply the “Jump Bug Fix”

Skip intro videos:

  • Go to MOVIES folder > rename “Midway_640x480_30.bik” to something else
    e.g; “Midway_640x480_30.bik.UNUSED”

Download Links:


Alt D/l Links:

Original (Archived) Official Free Release Link:

More Info:


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