Worms Weapons (UT3)

Team 17’s work includes; Worms, Worms Armageddon and all the other Worms titles. Highly rated single/ multiplayer games with endless fun and the weapons were classic. I thought they might be just as much fun in UT3… and they were

Occasionally i add a little to this project, in theory most (if not all) of the Worms weapons can be implemented into UT3 either for insane fun or as genuinely well balanced weapons.

The UT3 Worms Weapon Pack can be downloaded as part of the Unreal [x] weapons pack, below are a few examples.

  • Super Sheep


The Super Sheep acts as a Redeemer replacement. It currently uses a 2D texture and bik version with the same firing modes as the redeemer.

  • Homing Pigeon        

The Homing Pigeon replaces the LongBow Avril. It Fires a Pigeon that can lock onto a vehicle.

  • LandMine

The landmine was developed in UDK back (2010’ish) for a games company i was helping. It is a simple place-able/ destroy-able actor [upon touch, or damage]. It works as a static, dynamic or moving mesh aswel as a PhysX or InterpActor. Any other actor can also be fired from this weapon.

  • Old Woman

Old Woman Image

The Old woman, or Old babbling lady from Worms, is another classic weapon. Currently it works as a replacement for the Spider-Mines and fires a 3D model of the Old lady with animation and sounds. It performs the same fire and damage modes as the Spider-Mine launcher.

  • Holy Hand Grenade

The Holy Hand Grenade originally appeared in the Older Unreal Games, {Unreal Tournament i think}. I was lucky enough to obtain permission from a very talented unreal developer known as “Angel_Mapper”,  to continue the project in UT3.

note: – At the time i couldn’t even decipher the code and did not know how to 3D model. LOL i know i should have given up there. Well i did, but now i have the skills a& knowledge to do these things, i just need to do them

  • Ninja Rope

The ninja rope is something i would like, But it would only really work on custom maps, which would only be done if the weapon pack was of a high standard. For now people could use the various “Grappling Hook” mods that are available.


  • As of 2015/2016 the grappling hook idea became part of an unreal engine based game known as “Lawbreakers”…… this stuff always starts with Unreal…






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