Unreal [X] Weapons (UT3)

The Unreal [X] weapons pack includes:

  • UT99 Weapons, UT2004 weapons and pickup content
  • Worms weapons for UT3 & Bullet Bill from Mario

Download here


“Unreal [X]Weapons” Aims to provide:

  • the community with Unreal Weapons Content from Unreal (Gold) to UT3
  • other content from Unreal over the years, (Weapon Bases & more)
  • links, information & other content for “Unreal Interests”.

Many Thanks to everyone involved.

Unreal (Gold) Weapons

Credits: additional credits should already be noted by the weapons, the rest were made by me, TKBS.

Known Issues

  • [LightningGun] The weapon fire does not attach to the muzzle;– i now know why, i just need to fix it


  • A mutator provided, with source, can give you a new default inventory of your choice [enforcer/ impact hammer + chainsaw]
  • report issues and ways of fixing them if you know any


– Credits ..y’all know who you are – and i appreciate your time, resources, efforts & comments.

  • LordPorkSword – great reviews and bug/ beta testing
  • LordBret – great reviews and bug/ beta testing
  • RattleSN4k3 – also willing to respond
  • unrealLoco – for his original attempt
  • Private Tux – For his Download Mirror’s
  • ZippyDSMlee – gave addiitonal info……….- Anyone else who helped and commented Many Thanks




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