Unreal (Progress so far)

In the END:

  • All “Unreal” Maps were ported to UT3
  • The first 4 Levels were completely polished
  • 100% remade, BSP resulting in a 75% reduction of BSP and no change to layout, some BSP converted to mesh for the remaining 50.
  •  Textures almost finished and 3D models were either BSP conversions or Wip models
  • ^^Unreal decorations – these are the iconic mesh ( books, bodies etc )
  • Some ambient creatures existed (birds/fish), but they are not part of the first map
  • Started work on the map functions (kismet; lifts, doors,explosions etc)
  • Weapons :
    • Dispersion pistol is complete ( power level 1 only, no upgrades)
    • Automag (LPS/ Malk!)
    • Flashlight
    • The usual UT3 weapons
  • got pickups :
    • Healthpack
    • Bandages
    • NaliFruit

The Unreal 1998 Remake was not publicly released as a whole, because Epic did not authorise it. No animations for enemies were attempted by anyone so the enemies were mainly tentacles, birds and skeletons.

All small ports (weapons, items, pickups) etc were available in some form or another.


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