Unreal (Progress so far)

In the END:

  • All “Unreal” Maps were ported to UT3
  • The first 4 Levels were completely polished
  • 100% remade, BSP resulting in a 75% reduction of BSP and no change to layout, some BSP converted to mesh for the remaining 50.
  •  Textures almost finished and 3D models were either BSP conversions or Wip models
  • ^^Unreal decorations – these are the iconic mesh ( books, bodies etc )
  • Some ambient creatures existed (birds/fish), but they are not part of the first map
  • Started work on the map functions (kismet; lifts, doors,explosions etc)
  • Weapons :
    • Dispersion pistol is complete ( power level 1 only, no upgrades)
    • Automag (LPS/ Malk!)
    • Flashlight
    • The usual UT3 weapons
  • got pickups :
    • Healthpack
    • Bandages
    • NaliFruit

The Unreal 1998 Remake was not publicly released as a whole*, because Epic did not authorise it. No animations for enemies were attempted by anyone so the enemies were mainly tentacles, birds and skeletons, but using the Invasion Mod allows for a complete game.


(*HINT HINT; not as  a whole) All small ports (weapons, items, pickups, and third-party mods like invasion/ legacy) were made available in some form or another; seperate map fiels, mutators and mods etc.


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