Because i am currently doing one map at a time i have decided to make a note of the packages i have planned. If it sounds good on paper it should be ok when fully compiled. I would prefer a specific naming system but i must avoid confusion with other mods, existing Unreal games and also keep the names short  so that limits be alot.


Notes/ Aims & goals:

  • Size Limit: 50mb / “.upk”
  • Original file formats (for archive / preservation)
  • Updated file formats (for use with new stuff)
  • Newly improved files
  • Source files for others to improve on


Folder 1 (Unreal Gold Packages)

  • i converted the unreal gold maps and each map comes with a package
  • these are the “.upk” results from the conversion tool (UT3converter)

Folder 2 (Unreal remake Packages)

  • Each map has a “.upk”  for example: DM-Vortex2.unr & UnrVortex01
  • That map specific “.upk” will then be split into as many “upk’s” as needed using the size limit
  • Also contains effects & pickups in a separate package
  • “UnrVortex01.upk” is 200mb+    (will be split into 4)

Folder 3  (Unreal 1998 Packages)

  • This contains the items i have pulled from U98 mainly decorations and iconic items
  • First decoration to this pack is the BOOK (green,red,blue,gold)




The project was a little messy at first, example: i satrted work inside the converted map vortex. I should have backed up the file then started on another copy.

– I will try to preserve and provide the priginal export files, the files suitable for newer hardware/ software and obviously the end result in a clean and tidy way.



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