Code is my “achilles’ heel”. I really suck at it, but this Mod needs code so im pretty screwed in this area. For the moment i will have to focus on the huge amount of other stuff and ignore how much i want a distributable code base for the game that others can improve. I have however compiled a source folder or useful resources that should help in this area. Hopefully someone will come along and do something with it


Why do i need code?

  •  By using Kismet i can achieve alot but the first map is already 40% larger in size due to Kismet instead of code.
  •  Code is faster, more efficient and smaller than any other method
  • alot has changed since UnrealI. & i can only use UDK code…. 😦
  • Saving and laoding the game is imperative, it does not have to have full original functionality, but a player must be able to resume progress using a save/ load function. Even if it is primitive and config based.


What do i have so far:

  • Started work on Config Files – the quickest and easiest way to start a Total conversion type mod.
  • weapon codes that sortve work but arnt great
  • A flashlight that does not turn off when you switch weapon 😦
  • Basic game code
  • save/load ideas and sources from various other projects
  • sources from various other projects (for other stuff)
  • Ambient creatures; workign but needs refinement- also i may scrap this
  • – I would prefer AI UTBot type ambient creatures that can be changed to aggressive (easy, normal and hard mode should do this)
  • I have somethign to strat from for every thing i need


What i need:

  • Save/ load game
  • Ambient creatures & attacking creatures
  • AI that patrol,  Idle
  • Easy. normal hard options
  • Main Menu/ Pause Menu/ Title Screen
  • Weapons
  • Pickups
  • Inventory


Why cant i code?

  • I cannot explain this
  • My brain just doesn’t work that way i suppose. If i had all the time in the world or if i only had to do the code i would eventually get there
  • I have had some success sometimes but the Big picture is it is not impressive and it takes more time and enjoyment away from what i am really good at.
  • Other people are amazing at coding, they just code, i have to copy paste, search, trial and error everytime i start something new



Needing code for the Project is sadly a little cry for help. I can only hope that the quality of the rest of the project i produce is good enough to get 1 person interested in helping me on the Code, but the last thing i need is to complete the project and then have to change 100,000 Kismet events or repale and rebuild stuff for 34+ maps.


Code is needed and it is needed now 😦 




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