Characters/ Bots

Characters and Enemies:

  • original models used to save production
  • require rigging to skeletons & custom animations will be needed
  • these are not meant for normal UT3 bot matches
  • Textures may be improved
  • Custom bot code will be needed


Image: (Some of the chars/enemies)

  • Click ↓↓↓ Image Below for Large Image↓↓↓


  • The image shows a few models, normal textures & Gib/ blood texture

(from right to left ) The Slith, Skaarj, Tentacle, Brute  & the Nali nali need to be bots/ characters but the rest and just idle static mesh


As long as the characters are rigged them simple animations can be done for walking & firing. ←← These animations will need to be called via code

– Some bots will have to be Melee creatures, others will have projectiles

The Plan:

  • Rig characters using UT3 skeleton’s (If possible) (Nali, Skaarj, Brute, Main Character female)
  • Rig characters using Custom skeleton’s (If ↑↑ above ↑↑ fails)  (Slith can be rigged to johnny 5) (tentacle only needs animation on the tentacles)
  • Each character below has ideas on how i might get this to work

Slith: (in image on the far right )

  • the Slith has a similar style to the “Johnny5” character for UT3
  • Then use the character rig from it to rig the Slith


  • Nali might be easier that it looks
  • Rig Nali using UT3 skeleton’s
  • Then duplicating the arm bones for his 2 pair of arms
  • add custom animations to these arms that are only called in certain situations  “OB-LA-DAH”


  • Rig using UT3 skeleton’s (If possible)

Main Pawn/ “Gina” 

  • Rig using UT3 skeleton’s (If possible)


  • Very simple skeleton for the tentacle firing animations. Hopefully this will be easy
  • Rig tentacles > add weapon socket to end of 1 tentacle; use kismet to fire projectiles


  • hopefully this can be rigged to the Krall skeleton
  • it will be best suited for krall because of the similar head structure, but the animations may need to be custom

Other creatures:

  • these are creatures you encounter, sometimes they attack sometimes they don’t. Fish, shark’s, Bird’s etc
  • current work on other creatures here:
  • I will include the tentacle to this pack as it is more a creature than a bot





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