VCTF-Accursed [PC & PS3]

Accursed_Close_Up Accured_Vh

Accursed is one of my favourite maps. It was created using Gears of war assets and my own custom content. Although it’s a dark map, there is alot of colour and variation. The structures are large and accommodate for both vehicle and foot combat. The environment is a blend of GOW structures and my own influences. The scale is exactly the same as VCTF-Necropolis, although the layout has many differences. It features PhysX, exploding walls and other features. Some secrets/ easter eggs and is a really fun map. The uniqueness of the environment and the solid game play provided from the schematics of vctf-necropolis provide a repeatedly enjoyable experience.


VCTF-IHJ or VCTF-ImpactHammerJump was a Torlan tweak. A smaller scale map than Torlan with 2 high rise towers at each end of the map. The flag is situated on the one pillar which is set lower than the other. The idea was that one could perform a giant impact hammer jump from one tower to other to get the flag and use a teleporter situated near by to exit the base. Despite the large open terrain, there is plenty of cover for ground combat and little chance for enemy vehicles to get line of sight. That being said 1 raptor and 1 Dalkwalker can make all the difference if controlled & used correctly.



VCTF-Bio-Gates [PC & PS3]


Bio-gates accommodates a large number of players. The theme depicts a deep crater mined for tarydium and bio-sludge. A key element was the Bio-gates which can be controlled (on/off) using the Bio-Rifle.



A fast paced vctf map based on Minecraft visuals. The destructible cubes were built with kismet, this map was made a long time before i learnt some code.




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