DM Maps

DM maps for Unreal Tournament 3:

  • PC, PS3 & PhysX versions available
  • High performance, High Quality
  • Click titles to download



ScraperDeck is based on the mirror’s Edge area with the same name. It uses strong, vibrant colours and has a real world gemeotry. it is fun to play and great to look at.



DM-Albatross in its early stages, since then it has had significant visual improvements. It is a port of the old classic with High definition detail. The map is a very fun 1v1 map. Fast paced and great visuals. It is the only UT3 community map that features UT2004, UT3 and UDK assets at the same time.

DM-Arcane Temple




  • Arcane Temple is a Re-make of the Original DM-ArcaneTemple by Shane Caudle from UT99. The map features some tight corridors, z-axis gameplay and a nice waterfall feature. The map is the same, however, it is scaled for UT3 with significant visual improvements.
  • During its’ creation i learnt about welding verts and the magic of options in the modifier stack. I really wanted to make the ‘Face-doorway’ using a 3D Model.



  • A simple port of the old UT99 version. Everything is the same.
  • a nice lil 1 v1 or 2v2 map with all the old features. The teleporter is custom.



DM-Psyche is a beautiful map, albeit a dark subject matter. The interior visuals are close to that of UDK in its early stages (2010) although the exterior did not receive such attention to detail. The structure of the map is lifelike, based on the layout of an abandoned psychiatric/hospital facility and the visuals are bold and refreshing with up-close detail. Each room is uniquely colourful and well balanced. The map works great for up to 6 players.



Egyptian style maps always work well with Unreal. DM-Osiris was a fast build, in less than a day, but the quality is very high. It’s an accurate remake, fun to play and good to look at. The sky needs a little work and a few touch-ups could be made in places, but overall a really nice rebuild.



A old classic remade for UT3 and a really fun map to play. I wasn’t happy with existing, inaccurate-remakes, so i made one true to the original. The textures in this map were made with consideration to the lighting, adding fake lighting effects to the textures and practicing similar stuff. The arena is complete, but there is little scenery.

Minecraft Themed Maps 


Minecraft themed maps and a minecraft package for users to make their own maps. You may see similar maps by others, but none of them feature the performance, visuals and PhysX explosive fun-ness like these. Thread on Forums.






ScraperLobby is based on the mirror’s Edge area with the same name. I did some cool tricks with cheap reflection and real time image solutions in this map. It also has a PhysX version for the breaking glass. The map is simple, but fun to play and looks cool.

  • DM-UDKFoliage & DM-UDKNight&Day


Back ported the UDK content to UT3 and DM map based on the UDK environmental demo. Re-made all the materials and fixed some mesh issues.



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    hello, i need some help, could you do make necris skins? sorry for my english


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