Improving UT3

This project is fairly simple, although time consuming. There are alot of files (such as materials, that are missing Normal maps, static mesh that are missing uv’s and other little places) that could be improved. This page is an overview of all the fixes and improvements for UT3 that one day i will release


  • Most of the code in this section is aimed for Level designers
  • Exploding and moving objects
  • Custom volumes
  • and other various things that are helpful

Static Mesh:

  • Reserved for a list of static mesh with new uv’s and other improvements
  • Alot of the UT3 stuff is missing UV’s and has bad texture scaling


  • Reserved for a list of textures that have been added (normals, speculars etc )


  • Reserved for a list of materials that have had the new textures applied and other improvements


  • Reserved for a list of maps that had to be re-built to include the improvements aforementioned
  • also to include improvements/ fixes to maps to prevent falling out of maps, vehicle camping,  spawn killing etc
  • Missing maps from NVidia physx pack (warfare)


  • My guides on the ultimate installation of UT3 contains information on how to upgrade your outdated DLL files,  PhysX & OpenAl are the main 2 i recommend upgrading.

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