Ambient Creatures

Both UT3 & UDK offer code for Ambient Creatures dating back almost 7 years, in fact it is also part of Unreal (1998).For some reason you never see ambient creatures in UT3 maps, which is disappointing.  Hopefully people will use this content more now that the game is old and PC’s are more powerful. It should be noted that there are some common uses, fireflies are used alot, sometimes bugs and other small insects tend to used because they can be made using sprites and 2D textures.

– This project includes 2D Textures & 3D models, animated skeletal mesh and static mesh/ interpactors.

Examples include:

  • Aerial, Grounded & Aquatic animals

Current Progress:

  • Clown Fish (already available)
  • Pigeon (Done)
  • Butterfly (Done)
  • FireFlies 2D (Done)
  • Honey Bee (WiP)
  • Nali Rabbit (WiP)
  • Nali Cow (Done)
  • Rat (a kismet version was included in my 2012 version of VCTF-Accursed)
  • Shark

Making them Interactive:

  • make Animals explode with gibs
  • make Animals attack like Unreal 98.

Download Link:

(available on request)

Download AmbientCreatures for UT3:


How to get UT3 Ambient Creatures working in UDK:

Mastering Unreal: Unreal Technology_ book


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