Unreality Project Disclaimer

This Unreality Project technically began in 1998, this is the first documented case of Repacking what it should have been. Please read the full project.


  • This Project is not endorsed or Supported by Epic & “not endorsed by Epic Games”, and Epic/ Unreal are trademarks of Epic™  and have no affiliations here.
  • Unreal Development Kit (UDK) © 2009, Epic Games, Inc. Epic, Epic Games, Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Unreal, AnimSet Viewer, AnimTree Editor, Unreal Cascade, Unreal Content Browser, Unreal Development Kit, Unreal Editor, Unreal Engine, Unreal Kismet, Unreal Lightmass, Unreal Matinee, Unreal PhAT, UnrealScript and Unreal Tournament are trademarks or registered trademarks of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
  • i appreciate/respect the original authors of the content for their efforts, please do the same and also respect mine
  • The original Unreal CD is community content and should not have been sold by Game Command.
  • I have done my best to put the content back into its original state
  • If you have the Unreality Repack you are not authorised to offer a link to it (in any form) if your website asks for donations or receives funding
  • The original author and copyright notices are included, do not ignore them, because of the RePack you should adhere to that persons wishes which state the above and more.
  • The Original CD content was broken and not very well made. Some people have strong opinions about re-uploading or modifying existing content without expressed permission, which i can appreciate the idea, but given the circumstances [ its hard (if not impossible) to find the authors of the original content and noone bothers to help] i hope the community will except i have tried to keep it as close to the original as possible, get it working and improve it. There is no point blocking someone from fixing content and improving it for people’s enjoyment and full credits go to the original authors.
  • I am a strong believer/supporter of getting permission for things, clearly visible by this project contents, but it is important to make these considerations[]:
  • []Unreal content is irrefutably owned by Epic/ Epic IP, irrelevant of how much of it you made.
  • []If you made it for Unreal, or it looks like Unreal, or it’s Based on Unreal, or uses Unreal stuff. It is irrefutably Unreal and therefore owned by Epic IP. This is why they sell you a license to sell content but they still own you when you have the license.
  • []You should Always make an attempt to get permission, but i think that fixing and improving Unreal Content for the benefit of community enjoyment is the whole idea of making stuff and should be universally accepted
  • []If you don’t want your content enjoyed or have textures re-aligned, don’t upload it, especially not broken and missing content
  • whatever happens to your game, your Rig, PC, arms, legs the world or anything else whilst using this content is solely your responsibility and anyone documented or not documented relating to this content is not accountable
  • I Personally have always asked for permission first, it is respectful and cool for the person to know their work is being enjoyed and even improved. Take it as a compliment if your work is used.
  • Here is a quote, (1 example of many of how i am as a person) from a respectable Old Unreal Community Member:

Quote SteveLois: “It is very nice that you ask first, I THX you a lot for that biggrin It is very respectful biggrin

Ironically i didn’t ask permission to use his quote lol, but people should visit his Blog “Stevie’s Corner”, it’s awesome for keeping up to date with Unreal

  • If people start attacking this content or me,  then they have not read any information correctly or they misunderstand the project
  • It should be re-iterated; irrelevant of what people think, if you make a mod for Unreal that is based on Unreal (or looks like it or whatever), it can be 100% made by you but it is still Epic’s IP [EULA’s clearly state it]
  • If you understand selling Unreality was semi- or fully illegal in 1998  then you will realise that asking for donations on a website that offers Unreal IP content is illegal, and leaving others people’s work on your forums, obtaining money for this, is a total disgrace


Q: Could I set up a website and put games onto it, but not sell the games, just make money through ad sense?

A: Collecting revenue from ads on a site designed as a portal to your UDK based games doesn’t make your games free. It just acts as a proxy to direct revenue collection from your UDK applications. If you are collecting ad revenue as a proxy to collecting direct revenue from the game you will require a commercial license and Epic is due a royalty.



  • ** overall: Always respect original authors & whenever you can try to get permission.
  • don’t forget whose IP it is you are using
  • Obtaining money for Unreal related stuff without a license is illegal as stated above
  • you should not release free content if you don’t understand the rules. And it is a joke if you are unhappy with others fixing, old, really fun content. If you do this sortv’e stuff, then credit those people involved
  • (note the most recent edition of bioshock in UE4 as seen globally)

“Terms of use”

  • This includes but does not pertain to how you try to use this content;
  • if you use this, you should respect the original author’s wishes from 16 years ago and the wishes of myself and the Repack team that spent alot of time and effort to bring you this
  • You are not authorised to link to this on a website that asks or receives donations as stated clearly in the 1998 copyright of the author of DMBase+DMBuzz and here from the RePack
  • you should enjoy this content understadn what i tried to do and not complain about it

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