How i Repacked Unreality

I first discovered the “Unreality 1998 Expansion/ Add-On” existed approx 1 month ago (from date of writing 2014).

I was very surprised to see a large Pack released so shortly after Unreal (1998), also not being aware of it until now made it even more interesting. I originally read about it on a few Unreal forums and found a Video of the content on YouTube with 300+ Views [from Leo.T.C.K.], but was unable to find the content, the user did not reply and the video gave little information. Having asked advice on the Old Unreal forum [ an attempt to play some (pretty historical?) Unreal content for fun] only to receive a shitty response (which was ironic considering it was the source of the info and various other files), i decided to look at purchasing it 😦

– Suprisingly, Ebay showed a person who recently Put the Disc up for sale, but sadly i had already missed the sales window by about 3 days, what a coincidence!!.

In the End i was able to find a copy of the Expansion Set on Amazon :), but it was not straight forward to actually get the content working (Described below). Having Repacked the content i decided i would still release this lost (and now working) community content.

How i installed the Original Unreality Expansion Pack:

  • Using a clean install of Unreal (1998) on windows vista (because Unreality would not install on windows 7. But it worked fine with vista)

How i Repacked Unreality for Unreal (1998):

  • All changes were made with the original Unreal Editor to ensure compatibility with the earliest release
  • All missing files & maps (that did not come with the CD) were found and added; Including as much author info as possible for everything
  • All maps have had improvements; texture alignment/ scaling improvements & pickup placement amendments.
  • The 8 Single Player maps were organised to be played in order.

How i Repacked Unreality for Unreal Gold (& 227i)

  • To be compatible with Unreal Gold, the maps require 1 additional file, the “TorchFlameFix”
  • I included a community fix for the “TorchFlame Lights Bug”; it is only for Unreal > v220
  • Maps were recompiled with this editor to ensure correct optimization and compatibility

For Unreal Tournament

  • Untested, but it works for Unreal Gold 227i so im sure it works for UT


  • Do not use the TorchFlameFix for Unreal (1998), it is only for Unreal Gold (or Unreal v220 and higher)
  • Be careful not to get confused, some files have similar names to other files in the Unreal community, i included the originals (that i could find)
  • The 8 SP maps are modified to make a playable mission pack, this was done before learning about the maps original sources and by means takes away the credit of the originals (also included)


A few things need to be done before final release, this is just so i don’t forget:

  • Include md5Sum for Original CD & the ISO created from the Unreality CD
  • Run online tests (probably not something i will do ) & Run UT test
  •  try to find remaining “Untitled” DM maps & author info
  • Possibly tweak the Translator Messages slightly in each map, moving them around and placing them in an order that makes a  short story


DM Maps

  • There are now 56 DM maps in total
  • from the 44 DM maps, originally named DM1,DM2,DM3 etc – to – DM44 etc, only 4 are left “untitled”as they had no names or author information
  • all of the originals plus a few extra versions (version 1 and version 2 etc)
  • I checked the world Info in the UnrealEditor and saved the map names according to the appropriate information and then went hunting


  • DM13 did not load, it was missing 1 “OSP.weapons”, needed to open the map and these did not ship with the CD
  • Originally i wrote code to fake the contents from the map, loaded the map with the false code and removed the item that was using the false code, replacing it for a stock weapon
  • However a few days later i then found these …

I searched online for “OSP” and found the original Author & files of the Missing “OSPWeapons.OSPDoubleMag”

I also found this map file file which contains the “OSPWeapons” code, so i did not need to compile it myself.

DMBuzz (Missing map 1 ):

  • DMBuzz was listed in the URL of another map so we know it should have been on the CD
  • I found about 7 versions online before i finally found the correct package so please, do not confuse your files if you already have a map by this name

DM (UNKOWN) (Missing Map 2):

  • We know that DMBuzz was missing (described above) ; the strongest  google search results for “Unreal DMBuzz” indicate that “DMBuzz” originally  came in a pack with “DMBuzz+DMBase.unr” and also included the files “torn.u” & “torn.uax”
  • “torn.uax”/”torn.u” were on the Unreality CD so i thought the final map to recover was “DMBase”, however when i loaded the map DMBase, it was identical to one of the “Untitled” maps
  • The documentation from the official author states that another file came with “DMBase and DMBuzz”, this was “DMManus”
  • I included DMManus v1,v2 because i do not know what else it could be but i still cannot find the original DMcelermanus online,  so you have to use the Unreality CD version of DMManus as this is V1

The SinglePlayer/ Story Maps

  • 7/8 Story maps had names in the world info, so i renamed them accordingly…but 1 was still “untitled”.
  • When i tested the 1 map and used the end teleporter, it tried to load a url for the 2nd level that was non-existent. I simply renamed the 1 map to the name of the map shown in the url, solving the missing name.
  • Strangely, the single player maps were not strung together properly, some of the maps link to the existing Unreal maps like “Extremelab” and they seemed a little random
  • I now have the 8 Single Player maps loading in an order that allows the environments to string together nicely with a few texture alignment fixes and general fixes.

General Changes/ Fixes:

  • Some levels contained sections with overpowered AI and not enough weapons or health. I have added a few extra pick-ups just to make it playable.
  • I have fixed Hundreds of BSP faces and Texture alignments/Scaling that were originally very badly done. This has improved the visual quality.
  • downloaded and added missing files with author info
  • Added fix for Unreal Gold & recompiled with both Unreal Editors to ensure compatibility

Synopsis/ Story (just an idea):

  • Starting at an Escape Pod crash site you gradually move into the Nali Land. The environments have been taken over by krall and skaarj. As you venture deeper the environments start to become more mechanic/ hi tech, you end in the depths of the Skaarj core, fight the final boss and move to the escape pod.


Links used:



  • TKBS
  • gopostal (found an original  map)
  • GreenMarine (Original Author of “OSPWeapons.OSPDoubleMag”)
  • Shivaxi  (Original Author of “TorchFlameFix v1.0”)
  • To the original authors both included and those not included
  • Epic for Unreal

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