Unreality Project

The Unreality Project was originally just an attempt for me to find the Original Unreality Expansion Pack/ Add-on for Unreal (1998),  get it working and Repack it for the community. The content is a rare piece of unofficial Unreal history and finding it and getting it working is a story in its own right. Check the page: “How i Installed & Repacked Unreality”

The Unreality Content:

  • Unreality “Too Unreal for you” was an Add-On/ Expansion Pack Released approx 6 months after Unreal (1998) & it seems extremely difficult to find.
  • It was a CD full of community content that had been stripped of it’s authors information and put together as a pack (naughty stuff). It should not have been sold by “Game Command”
  • The Documentation states it has 54 maps but the Original CD only had 52, it was missing other essential files and had other problems.
  • The original CD Includes; 44 DM Maps & 8 SP/Co-op Maps. Also textures, Music, enemies, Sounds and weapons.

The Unreality RePack Content:

  • I have RePacked the content so that it includes all of the missing files
  • I have included the original files  & author information (as many as i could find)
  • fixes and improvements have been made in some places and it is now compatible with later versions of Unreal
  • The 8 SinglePlayer maps featured have been changed only to allow them to load in an order

Please Read the page “How i Repacked Unreality”  

Then Read the page “How to install/ Play Unreality RePack” 


Disc Cover

Unreality Disc Cover

Here’s a little video i made of it & the download link for the RePack:

  • Download Link in the video’s description. beta 02 coming soon
  • This ^^ is the video at the start of the project




  • I thought the original CD was supposed to be a collection of content from a team, offering their individual work as playable. mutliplayer maps and an 8 player mission pack.
  • ^^ that is why I started to fix the contents and make the 8 maps fit together and then repack it
  • I hope people can understand what i have tried to achieve here and by no means modify other peoples work per se
  • see full disclaimer for this and don’t forget thanks to me the repack is a much better version than the original nasty cd without author info




  1. I recently found a NIB of this 😀


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