Unreal Tournament Map

I have been designing (what will hopefully be) a well balanced map for the new Unreal Tournament. I also have some really great news to announce.

  • I have been able to obtain Expressed Permission to use Concept art from one of the Original Bio-Shock Concept artist’s: MR Jim Martin

Now alot of people have wanted Bio-Shock and various other theme maps in Unreal Tournament. There is a big difference between taken a concept like the Bio-Shock finished game world and making a themed map based on it, to using a concept artist’s original art that has been used for Bio-Shock to actually create an Unreal Tournament map.

– The art will not be art used in the Bio-Shock Game [that might be a bit iffy for the both of us due to 2K owning the IP (we haven’t discussed that far) & it need’s to fit the UT environments aswel], but since he was the Bio-Shock concept artist, naturally, some elements of this may be visible in the finished product in UT.

That Concept artist is Jim Martin and i thank him very much for his time and permission, you can find his awesome art work here:


The first 2 pieces of artwork i have permission use:

castle1_0000 Sewerdoor


  • I will be looking closely at the style he uses, utilising colours and structures for the new UT map
  • It will most likely be a DM map, but my initial designs might change

Many Thanks to Jim Martin

I will try to use my  mutliple years of Unreal experience to really make something special and i will probably spend no less than 7 months on it. I’m not going to rush a fantastic opportunity and Unreal Level designer’s have OTT ATD (over the top attention to detail) so maps are usually OCD style perfect, this will be no exception

the email reply:

Hello Fusilade (removed my real name),
Please feel free to use the artwork I have posted as inspiration for your map.  If you want to generate an idea in the spirit of a piece of artwork I have on my portfolio site, I’d be quite pleased to see the result.  Enjoy.
Jim Martin







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