Unreal Models


Radioactive Clown, which has since disbanded, used to create action figurines, they were pretty good quality. I learnt about them long after they had closed, but i was able to get my hands on 1/3 that they made for a reasonable price.


  • Damarus:


7-inches tall with 19 points of articulation. The son of Mobeth tribe leader Gik Ma, Damarus has made quite a name for himself in the arenas. As a volunteer he enjoys many physical pleasures, but those who think his hedonistic lifestyle has made him soft haven’t seen him from the wrong end of a Shock Rifle.


  • Domina: – This is the only one i own.


7-inches tall with 19 points of articulation. A walking death trap that preys on the compassion of her victims, Domina prowls the dark corners of a thousand worlds seeking enemies of the empire. Like all members of the Vigilance Force, Domina possesses the unique ability to ferret out treason where none has been committed. Some say she can hear your guilty thoughts, others say she can find the threads of dissent woven deep into your DNA. Whatever it may be, if the shadows speak to you in a child’s voice one day, run, and never stop running as long as you have breath in your body.




7-inches tall with 16 points of articulation. It takes a special kind of person to survive the harsh environment of the Allerian Penal Colony. It takes another kind of person altogether to revel in it. Gorge is more than just a survivor; he’s a predator with a sweet tooth for suffering. Once incarcerated, Gorge took to the Tournaments like a fish to water, honing his combat skills both on and off the arena floor. The lack of firepower in the prison mines doesn’t affect his training regimen in the least. Who needs a gun when you’ve got hands and teeth?



The Unreal papercraft files can be found online. The software (Pepakura) can also be used to make your own printouts of Unreal characters, weapons, models etc

so far the only one i have made:

  •  Chainsaw

(image coming soon)




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