SceneCapture2DActor “Fix”

SceneCapture2DActor “Fix”
================================================== ==============
Title: “Reflection Fixes”: SceneCapture2DActorFix & SceneCaptureReflectActorFix
Version: Version “Uncompiled”
Release Date: September 2014
Author(s): TKBS
Description: SceneCapture2DActorFix Adds a Sprite and Static Mesh for easier (rotation) use in Editor. Good for LD’s.
SceneCaptureReflectActorFix allows the actor to show in game; saves hassle. Good for LD’s.
More information:

  • I may release a compiled version with a mod in the future, try to rename your actor if you use this code
  • RattleSN4K3 has kindly provided an in editor version (a non-‘.u’ script fix that you can paste directly into the map, see below)
  • Turning on Camera ‘frustrum’ in the “flags” can also help
  • I spent a stupid amount of time trying to get the normal “SceneCaptureReflectActor” to work and had absolutely no joy then hrs later i remembered i could do this fix aswel..
  • .. Maybe someone else can provide a comprehensive thread for it
  • By default FPS is set to 1000, this is a bit of an overkill and can be drastically reduced, choose your setting wisely

Download Link: n/a (not needed, compile your own)
Additional Credits: RATTLESN4K3, Epic (for unreal)
================================================== ==============
* Place this actor in the level to capture it to a render target texture.
* Uses a 2D scene capture component
* – TKBS – Added Fix for LD’s
* SceneCapture2DActor with Sprite & Mesh for easier rotation
class SceneCapture2DActorFix extends SceneCapture2DActor
// add a sprite so i can see it in editor
// add sprite (make use sprite)
Begin Object Class=SpriteComponent Name=Sprite
End Object

// 2D scene capture
Begin Object Name=SceneCapture2DComponent0
End Object
// Unlock camera mesh (mesh to help visible rotation)
Begin Object Name=CamMesh0
End Object
================================================== ==============
In-Editor/ viewport Version [NON -“.U” script version]

  • Paste into your UT3 map window/ viewport
  • (CTRL+V or Edit->Paste). A new SceneCaptureActor2D will be created at (0,0,0).

================================================== ==============
Begin Map
Begin Level
Begin Actor Class=SceneCapture2DActor Archetype=SceneCapture2DActor’Engine.Default__SceneCapture2DActor’
Begin Object Class=StaticMeshComponent Name=CamMesh0 ObjName=StaticMeshComponent_0 Archetype=StaticMeshComponent’Engine.Default__SceneCapture2DActor:CamMesh0′
End Object
End Actor
End Level
End Map


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