Custom UT3 Intro Movie

How to make a Custom UT3 Intro Movie

  • UT3 Intro movies are “.Bik” Files
  • Download The free Software to Convert your movies using “Bink” into “.BIK”
  • Make your UT3 movie [Frags + flags or just a cinematic into] using your favourite software, then use the above software to convert.

The easy tutorial:

  • Backup and safely store [in another location] a copy of one [anyone]of you intro movies from this location : \Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Movies
  • Make your movie and convert it
  • Rename/ replace your New Intro After one of the old ones.
  • Start Your game and watch your cool new intro. Smile

An example:
Original: MidwayLogo.bik = 5,002
My Intro: MidwayLogo.bik = 31,894kb

The harder tutorial:

  • On request i can help with the hard way because  this part of the tutorial not yet written


  • Make your Intro into 4 or 5 parts.
  • Convert parts separately
  • Then replace/ rename 4 or 5 Original .bik files – this way the process will be faster/ smoother/ and better quality
  • Convert Music First !!!…into redbook wav (16bit stereo 44100Hz PCM)– then place this music into your video before Publishing [wmm,sony, AE {etc}]…
  • …Then convert this into “.bik” [faster with minimal sound quality loss]

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