Texture Compression

Information on Texture Compression:

  • DXT2 and DXT4 are not options for texture formats in UnrealEd
  • Making comparisons is always recommended but as a general rule:


  • “0” or “1” bit alpha
  • If your image has no alpha, use DXT1
  • If your image has 1-bit (on or off) alpha information, use DXT1 with one-bit alpha
  • If the image qualit yis too low use  DXT3/5


  • Explicit 4-bit alpha, not pre-multiplied
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Hard mask
  • used for sharp transitions between multiple alpha levels


  • Interpolated alpha, not pre-multiplied
  • accurate transparency representation
  • Displacement Map ?- <If appropriate>
  • Clamp <If appropriate>
  • smooth or Blended gradations of alpha

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