SkyDome Texture Creation

Create Textures that fit the ‘SkyDomes’ that come with UT3 & UDK, using Photoshop

  • UT3 & UDK Skydomes (Static Mesh) have textures already mapped to them.
  • To make textures fit correctly this tutorial will help.
  • The alternative would be to create a new skydome

Quick + dirty way to texture sky domes. for use with this Static Mesh Only: UN_Sky.SM.Mesh.S_UN_Sky_SM_Sphere_Night 

Step 01:

  •  generate, create or find a nice big sky texture
  •  Start with your large source texture – i use 16000 x 16000
  • Cut out a large portion of the texture you want [we will use the extra texture space to cover seams and clone/ heal our image]

Step 02:

  • offset by 50% and Cover seams/ make seamless.
  • Cut out the easiest piece to work with // again -Cover seams/ make seamless.

Step 03:

  • Image ’03’ shows i cut the centre out about 8000 x 8000
  • Set image to the size you want e.g 4096×4096 and then use the Polar coordinates modifier
  • Fix seams and centre area again
  • Keep it simple and add variation using your R,G,B nodes
  • Add a few material expressions inside UT3 rather than all in the texture.
  • Try to avoid stars and any other small details to get a nice clean image. (especially if this is to be scaled on a large skydome)
  •  if you do want to add details try to stick close to the centre –
  •  Click image example or drag into browser for a better/  big image 🙂


Here’s a finished product UT3 Example: [added an aurora mesh in front]


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