Automatically re-import textures

This tutorial covers re-importing textures into UDK on start-up. It was posted on 2010/05/26 by Jason Bestimt.

Sometimes you may make changes to textures, tweaks and adjustments when the Unreal Engine is closed. If you keep your textures saved to the same folder, UDK will recognise the  changes when it starts
& automatically re-import these textures.

“The editor now supports listening for changes to source textures and automatically re-importing when a change has been detected.” To enable this feature:

  • Add the directories to the “listen” list in your “EditorUserSettings.ini“. You can use either absolute or relative (to UnrealEngine3\Binaries\Win64\).
  • Turn the feature on by going to View->Preferences->Auto-Reimport Textures.

Here are some examples:




  • Additional directories can be listened to be using a space-delimited list like:

AdditionalFileListenerDirectories=D:\Build\SourceAssetDirectory\ D:\SuperSecretArtStuff\


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